10 Best Software For Deleting Data Permanently

Data deletion is a necessary process when important data in files and folders need to be removed permanently from a computer. Only data deleting software can permanently remove all files. This type of software also prevents recovery of data that have already been permanently removed. There is a wide variety of software to choose from. If you are a novice at data deletion, you can opt for software that is easy to use but effective in destroying files.

10 Softwares that can be used to delete data permanently

Deleting files by moving them to the Recycle Bin is not permanent. The files can easily be recovered and restored by using the Restore option of the operating system. To make sure that the deleted data is securely and permanently deleted, you will need software designed specifically for this task.

1. 123 Cleaner

This software allows you to clean up all unwanted files and data history in your computer. You can clear caches, history, typed URLs, cookies, your browser’s autocomplete memory, run history, search history, etc. can all be erased.

2. Acronis Drive Cleaner

With this software, you can remove all unwanted data on selected part and even entire discs. This software supports all latest operating systems from Microsoft. You can do a full review of the deleted data on your hard disk with the help of built-in DiskViewer feature. It is easy to use so that you do not have to struggle to get your computer system cleaned.

3. Active@Kill Disk

This is a secure eraser for the data in hard disks and floppy drives. This is compact yet powerful software that prevents any future attempt to recover files and folders that have already been deleted.

4. Check Identical Files

This is a utility tool that allows you to get rid of those duplicate files that can cause lot of annoyance. It is easy to use so you do not have to worry about making any mistakes while removing unwanted files and folders.

5. Clean Center

This is a utility that has been specifically designed to make space in your computer system by removing all the junk. The software helps you identify more than 60 junk file types and erases them in just 3 easy steps.

6. CleanEm

This software has been designed in a Windows XP theme and securely removes unwanted data from duplicate, temporary and internet files. It is simple to use so beginners will have no problems using it and is packed with great features that experienced users will find handy.

7. Complete Cleanup Shareware

This software has the ability to clean up all browsers and it safely deletes video cookies, cookies, browsing history and cache files. It will help in improving your PC’s performance by cleaning up your system.

8. CyberScrub

This is great software that allows you to remove data securely, create encrypted backups and secure credentials for web access.  Cached files are also removed by the software. It also has an enterprise suite so that you can use to enforce rules for data deletion in an entire organization.

9. Darik’s Boot and Nuke

This is an open source boot disk that completely and automatically deletes contents in a hard disk. This is a great utility for emergency destruction of bulk data.

10. Data Destroyer

This is a program for Windows that allows you to securely delete data in multiple files and folders in the hard disk, ZIP or floppy to make sure that they cannot be recovered again.

To protect information or data on a stolen device like a laptop, this software that allows you to remotely delete all the files if a wrong password is entered. This is a great application to have especially if you are one who stores personal details and financial information on your device. This way, you make sure that no one else will access the folders & data stored. So secure your system and use data deletion software to securely and permanently erase unwanted files and folders.

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