Sony’s PS4 Pro Increased RAM Enough for 4K?

Few of my friends are hard core gamers. They would do anything to get their hands on the new PS. Recently, the PlayStation Pro 4 was released with a good news for everyone out there. Sony has added extra 1 GB of DDR3 DRAM to its PS4 Pro. This is in addition to the 8 GB GDDR5 RAM already on board.

The 1GB DRAM will mainly be used for utilizing the background application when the user switches between apps and games in the PS4 pro. This also helps the users to play the games more smoothly without any burden on the standard RAM. Sony is also thinking of pushing PS4 pro into a 4 K gaming console. But the Technical Director of Sony , Mr. Ron Erjavek believes that the additional 1GB of RAM for the PS4 pro is enough to compensate the higher demands for the system to covert to 4 K gaming console.

Here are the reasons why the 1GB DDR3 was added?

  • The additional 1GB DRAM is mainly used to swap between gaming and non gaming apps like Netflix. This will help in faster switching between a game and an app.
  • The System architect for the PS4 pro , Mark Cerny says that partly using the on board graphics RAM for multitasking  purposes is not optimal and hence an added GB comes into picture.

Are the hard disk replaceable?

Supposedly, all the PS4 pro users can swap out the internal hard drive of the PS4. The PS4 pro uses a SATA III interface  which is equipped to support solid state drives (SSD).

Great right? So, if you are planning to buy PS4 pro console, the price starts from $400.00

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