How to Sponsor a Child in India?

So, you want to sponsor an under-priviliged child in India. Big salute to you! It is people like you who make this world a better place.

No doubt, education is the major factor that boosts a nation’s development. There are more uneducated people in India, than anywhere else in the world. (Source) Children, don’t get the financial support to pursue their education, like in the west. Even a single rupee donation can do wonders for their future!

Sponsoring a child means partnering the needy in their pursuit of a bright future, justice and hope. For example, if you are a sponsor, you are liable to pay a fixed amount (monthly or yearly) for the deprived children. By doing so, you support them, their families and community in more ways than one. Sponsoring a child adds to the development, empowerment, income generation and self sufficiency of an underprivileged community!

Sometimes, a child may be talented, but all he/she needs is to get a platform to pursue his/her dreams! You can brighten their future by contributing little something! A minimal amount of your earnings can create a big difference for them. There are many NGOs taking the initiative in India. Let’s see how you can sponsor a child in India?

What you need to know

Basically, for sponsoring a child, you need to go through the following steps with an NGO.

  • Select a child (You can even select her by heading to the website of the NGO)
  • Make a commitment as per your budget (For making a commitment for a child’s future, as a sponsor you will have to pay certain amount monthly or yearly, as your wish)
  • Send your contribution- After these two steps, you are committed towards a child and her future. To make a lasting impact, you will have to pay the amount to the NGO at regular intervals.
  • Enjoy the Relationship with the sponsored child!

Child sponsorship can transform the life of a deprived child, her family and community drastically! Well, if you are someone who is seeking sponsoring a girl child, then there are many NGOs that can help you. From helping you to select the child to fulfilling all the requirements, they are the ones who can assist you at every step. All you need to do is visit their website and go through the formalities.

NGOs who can help with sponsoring a child in India

Let’s take a look at some of the NGOs available today who encourages and help with sponsoring children in India.

Nanhi Kali

Started in 1996 by Anand Mahindra, Nanhi Kali is a sponsorship project that aims to eradicate poverty in India by educating girl child. It is in partnership with 21 more NGOs that help them to implement its cause. Being a sponsor, you are liable for the academic and material support of the selected girl child. Moreover, all you need to do is pay just Rs. 2400 or Rs. 3600 per year and thereafter, you get her regular progress report. Nanhi Kali aims to support education for 1, 00,000 girl children by the end of this year.

Official details here.

Plan India

It is a nationally registered child development organisation and a member of Plan International Federation. Plan India is dedicated to helping the vulnerable and excluded children by offering them proper healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities and much more. Since last 35 years, they have been focused on improving the lives of millions of children in India. They take funding support from individuals, government agencies, corporations, foundations and institutions. For utmost comfort and ease, you can visit their website and sponsor a child by making ideal decision regarding duration of support, number of children, amount, and your other details. They aim to pay a package to the one who sponsors a child, this is all inclusive of

  • A welcome pack that includes profile and photo of the child you’re sponsoring
  • A letter from your sponsored child (you can even correspond with the child)
  • An yearly update on the development the sponsored children and their community
  • An annual tax receipt
  • Opportunity to interact with your child and visit his/her native place

Official website here.

CRY (Child Rights and You)

It is one of the leading NGOs that are dedicated to ensuring fundamental rights of the deprived children in India. They aim to enable the individuals to take responsibility of the underprivileged kids and community.

Official details here.

World vision India

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation that helps poor and deprived children and families residing in India. They aim to serve children irrespective of their caste, religion, race, ethnicity or gender. If you are planning to sponsoring a child, then you can select any kid on their website and thereafter they will help you at every step. World Vision is governed by a group of leaders who are spread all over the nation. Well designed, evaluated and monitored programs are the reflection of their commitment and work. In this internet driven world, you can sponsor a child from anywhere and at any time!

Official website & details here.

SOS Children’s Villages India

It is an organisation that is dedicated to helping orphaned children (throughout the whole period of their childhood). If someone is willing to sponsor a child, then he or she can pay:

  • Minimum amount of Rs 800 per month – it ensures that the sponsored child gets a loving home!
  • Rs 9600 per annum- Under this, you can meet the child anytime. Also, this creates a unique relationship with you and the sponsored child.
  • Rs. 19,200 per year- By donating this amount, you can sponsor the child’s education and indeed create his or her bright future.

Official website and details here.

For sponsoring a child, you can visit their websites and make an initiative by selecting the child online and filling the amount details etc.

All the best and God bless you!

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