How To Stream Videos From iPhone

If you want to extract inputs from your iPhone and make it to display on television, you go with the choice of Airplay. Think about the situation where you own an Android phone and you don’t have an Apple TV. Here, in this situation, you can get a new accessory like Plair. The Plair is a little, handy wi-fi accessory that is easy to access and it can be used on many platforms. This device looks like a wafer and it helps you to take inputs from other devices like Android, iOS, Personal computers and notebook and connect it to any television for display. It is of very less cost to get one for your purpose.

Plair Highlights

The Plair has been an easy accessory for beaming videos; it plays a friendly interface that shows different varieties of clips, shows, and films. This device can be controlled using iPhone for options like rewind, fast forward, stop, and pause the video clips. Even you are allowed to extract the content from your device. Also, you can change the format of video clips to the desired small size and which will take just about 2 minutes and 9 seconds to complete. This is the same case with the playing of iPhone video clips on television.


Plair features

The Plair is coated with shiny plastic material and its cap is designed with a smooth rubber finish. It is designed in such a way that it appears similar to a huge seed case of a maple tree. This accessory measures 3.8 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches and it is curved on one end and has tender point on the other end. Altogether, the Plair will fit into your hand. It is available in different shades of colors like red, blue, and black on the market. When you remove the cap from the accessory, you can see an HDMI plug and a micro USB port in order to charge the Plair.

As the Plair is associated with a micro USB cable and power jack, you can plug the same into a passage and the Plair. You can very well plug the Plair into your TV using the HDMI connection. After plugging the Plair into the Television, you download the free Plair application to your iOS or an Android device; or otherwise, download the Firefox or Chrome plug-in to the notebook or personal computer. When you switch on the power of the Plair, it starts passing on the Wi-Fi signal. At that time, you have to first link the phone; a personal computer or a notebook to the Plair and then configure the Plair to link to the Wi-Fi network. Once it got fixed and connected properly, the Plair will extract and display a test video on your television.

You cannot extract and display video clips directly from Hulu, but it is possible with the Plair. The Plair’s own site can access to 134 famous shows on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC; along with the cable shows on A&E, FX, SyFy and USA. This accessory also lets you extract video clips from Comedy Central, PBS, CNN, History Channel, AMC, ESPN, Lifetime, Bravo, Disney, TLC and E. Moreover, the Plair’s web portal and its applications have shortcuts to some of the networking sites like College Humor, Funny or Die, NASCAR, UFC, Sports Illustrated and YouTube.

Plair Drawbacks

The Plair is just suitable for personal and hotel business purposes due to its portability feature. This television has only less reliability on mirroring and streaming performance. The applications inbuilt in Plair are unable to display the content which you have downloaded from iTune.

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