Top 10 Student Education Loans in India

Educational loans are provided to students who wish to pursue their higher studies. They are offered to courses from reputed institutes for both graduate as well as postgraduate courses. Banks like SBI, HDFC, Citibank, Bank of Baroda, AXIS bank and other Government as well as private banks offer this loans. Students can also avail loans not only for studying in India but also abroad.

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Cent Vidyarthi

Central bank of India offers loans up to 10 lakhs in India and up to 20 lakhs abroad. It is offered to all graduate courses in Management/Job-oriented courses, Professional Courses of recognized Universities / reputed Institutes, Computer courses conducted by NIIT, APTECH, CMC, C-DAC with duration of one year and more.

They are also provided to postgraduate courses in Science, Technology, Medicine, Engineering and Management courses, Law, Accountancy leading to Master’s degree or Post-Graduate Diploma in recognized University abroad. But the candidates must have a consistent academic record with 60% marks in 10th as well as 12th. There is no processing fee for loans in India while Rs.500/- for loan up to Rs.10 lakh and Rs.1000/- for loan above Rs.10 lakh will be charged on abroad loans.
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Interest for male students 10.25+2%
Interest for female students 10.25%+1.5%

United Bank of India

United Bank of India offers loans for students who wish to pursue education in India as well as abroad. To avail this loan you have to be an Indian national and must have passed the entrance exam for a professional or technical course. Maximum amount of loan is 10 lakhs in India and abroad is 20 lakhs. For loans below 4 lakhs they can be paid in a period of 7 years. Loans up to 7.5 lakh can be repaid within 10 years while loans above 7.5 cannot exceed more than 15 years.

Loan Amount – Interest Rate
Up to 4 lakhs – 10.25% + 2%
4 lakhs – 7.5 lakhs – 10.25% + 2.75%
Above 7.5 lakhs – 10.25% + 2%

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State Bank of India’s Student Loan

SBI offers educational loans at very attract interest rates. It can be availed for graduate/post graduate courses approved by UGC/ AICTE/IMC/Govt. Extra expenses like hostel fees, laboratory fees, caution deposit, travel expenses can also be considered for the loan. You can get up to 10 lakhs for studying in India and 30 lakhs for studying abroad. There is no processing fee but for loans abroad you need to pay Rs 5,000 as deposit which will be later adjusted in the margin.

Loan Amount – Interest Rate
Up to 4 lakhs – 13.5%
4 lakhs – 7.5 lakhs – 13.75%
Above 7.5 lakhs – 11.75%

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PNB Saraswati – Punjab National Bank’s Student Loan

Punjab National Bank offers financial assistance for graduate/post graduate courses from recognized colleges and university. Job oriented courses can also be pursued form abroad by availing loans from this bank. To be eligible for this loan you have to be an Indian national and must have completed 10+2 or equivalent. For education in India you can avail loans up to 10 lakh while abroad you can get up to 20 lakhs.

Loan Amount – Interest Rate
Up to 4 lakhs – 10.25% + 3%
4 lakhs – 7.5 lakhs – 14.25%
Above 7.5 lakhs – 12.25%

Security & Collateral

Up to 4 lakh – Parent/Guardian made joint borrower
4.00-7.5 lakh – Apart from parent/guardian you need collateral security in the form of suitable third party guarantee
7.5 lakhs and above – Apart from parent/guardian you need collateral security in the form of suitable third party guarantee as well as an assessment of the future income of the student. For loans above 7.5 provided there is collateral security required.

IDBI Bank’s Student Loan

Students who wish to pursue their higher studies can avail loans from IDBI bank. They offer loans for non-vocational courses, vocational courses, management quota and under Financial Inclusion Program. There is no processing fee for studies in India while studying abroad there is 1% of the loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000 plus taxes.

Loan qualifying as Priority Sector Lending (PSL) 11.25% (BR+1.00%)
Loan amount not qualifying as Priority Sector Lending (PSL) 12.25% (BR+2.00%)
Vocational Courses 11.25% (BR+1.00%)
Education Loans for students studying in Premier Education Institutes 10.25% (BR+0.00%)
Education Loan for other students who secured admission under Management Quota. 13.75% (BR+3.50%)
Education Loan under Financial Inclusion program (FIP) 11.75% (BR+1.50%)

Canara Bank’s Education Loan for Students

Canara Bank offers loans for the purpose of meeting educational needs like course fees, books, equipment and hostel fees. They can be availed for all graduate as well as post graduate courses from recognized university. For studying in India a maximum of 10 lakhs can be secured while for abroad you can secure up to 20 lakhs. For loans up to 4 lakh there is no collateral security while up to 7.5 lakh you will require third party guarantee. For loans above 7.5 lakhs a security equivalent to the loan is needed. Base rate is 10.20%.

Loan Amount – Interest Rate
Up to 4 lakhs – BR+1.5%
4 lakhs – 7.5 lakhs -BR+2%
Above 7.5 lakhs -BR+1.5%
Non priority category – BR+1.5%
Vocational education and training – BR+1.5%

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Bank of India’s Student Education Loan

Bank of India offers loans for educational purposes in India as well as abroad. Loans can be availed for graduate, post graduate, professional courses recognized by university. You can get a maximum of 10 lakh for loans in India while up to 20 lakh for loans outside. To get loan you must be Indian and must have secured selection for entrance exam through merit based selection. All student borrowers have an option to avail term insurance covers that has premium as item of finance.

Loan Amount – Interest Rate
Up to 7.5 lakhs – 13.20%
Above 7.5 lakhs -12.70%

Dena Vidyalaxmi Education Loan

Dena Bank offers loans for Graduation courses, Post-Graduation courses, Masters & PhD, Professional courses. You can avail up to 10 lakhs for loans in India while up to 20 lakh for loans abroad. Here the loans also cover course fees, hostel fees, books, equipment, travel and all expenses included in the course. Loans up to 7.5 lakhs can be repaid in 10 years while loans above 7.5 lakhs can be paid off in 15 years. But for availing this loan you must be an Indian citizen and must be selected in a university form India or abroad. 1% interest concession if interest serviced during the study period.

For loans above Rs. 4 lacs, 1% p.a. interest concession for girl students including as applicable in Dena Shakti.

For loans above Rs. 4 lacs, 1% p.a. interest concession for IIM / IIT / ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad) students.

Bank of Baroda’s Student Loan

Bank of Baroda offers numerous loans schemes for students who wish to pursue education. Baroda Vidya is for students from nursery to senior secondary school.Baroda Gyan is for students who want  to do their graduation/post graduation in India while Baroda Scholar is for studying abroad.Baroda Vidya you get a maximum of 4 lakh while Baroda Gyan you get a maximum of 10 lakh and for Baroda Scholar you avail up to 20 lakhs. Base rate is 10.25% and there is 0.5% concession for loans for girls.

Loans up to 4.00 lakhs Base Rate + 2.50%
Loans above Rs.4.00 lacs and up to Rs 7.50 lacs Base Rate + 2.50%
Loans above Rs.7.50 lacs Base Rate + 1.75%
Baroda Education Loan for Vocational Education & Training Base Rate + 2.00%

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Vijaya Bank’s Student Loan

Vijaya Bank’s educational loan covers course fees, hostel fees, laboratory fees, travel expenses and more. It is available for Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies. You can avail a maximum of 10 lakhs loans for studying in India while abroad you can avail up to 20 lakhs. Eligible courses include regular technical and professional Degree/Diploma courses conducted by colleges/universities approved by UGC/ AICTE/IMC/Govt./AIBMS/ICMR. Etc. For courses abroad you have Graduation Degree courses/ Post Graduation Degree and Diploma courses like MCA, MBA, MS, etc offered by reputed universities and Courses conducted by CIMA-London, CPA in USA.

IBA Up to 4 lakh Base Rate + 1.80 = 12.05%
IBA 4 lakh and above Base Rate + 2.25 = 12.50%
Management Quota (Non IBA) Irrespective of loan Base Rate + 2.55 = 12.80%
Education Loan to Indian School of Business student Irrespective of loan 11.75% ( Fixed)
Education Loan to the students of Premier Central Institutions such as IIMs, IITs etc Irrespective of loan 11.75% ( Fixed)


Student loans are getting cheaper in India. At least, the options are plenty these days. Getting a student loan is not easy though. What most banks look for is your eligibility. Do you have good marks, whether you have the capacity to pay the interest back and if not, do you have collateral to offer, or co-signers to guarantee. If you apply for loan without preparation, you are more likely to be disappointed. But prepare well, understand what the banks look for and create a good case for yourself before applying. Going for higher studies? Check out this article on how you can get student loans for higher studies in USA. This will increase your chances of approval by many times.

All the best!

Disclaimer: Loan rates are subject to change, rates mentioned in this article might have changed since the time of publication, so please check with the corresponding banks for accurate information.

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  1. Mani Karthik

    I think it’ll depend more on how you can convince the bank about what and how much you can afford.

  2. Rasika

    Hello I’m Rasika and thinking about course in Mandarin or Japanese language which is my career decision as a linguist person. What are the chances of loan to study in China or Japan?
    Please guide.

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    hello I m student and I donot work can u help me with loan

  4. Mani Karthik

    You can definitely try,

  5. Mani Karthik

    Try the ones mentioned above.

  6. Mani Karthik

    Can you explain how they are better than anyone else?

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    hello sir.
    i want to tell you about best education loan provider in india. also one of the best education loan provider in india in my experience.
    suggest your reader.


    hii sir, i am taking admission in IMU, kolkata(B.Tech.)
    and i have to take loan so, which bank I should opt.

  9. Mani Karthik

    You might have to take a personal loan for it. If it’s a recognized university etc, that you are applying to, you could approach the bank and see how they can help.

  10. Mani Karthik

    Approach your nearest bank Garima.

  11. Mani Karthik
  12. Khushi Sharma

    Hii , my name is Khushi and I have qualified the entrance exam of Footwear Design and Development Institute with 788 all India rank . Now I require a loan of 10lakhs to 12 lakhs . Please guide me ????????

  13. Garima agrawal

    hello sir
    i have just passed my 12 class with 90% from CBSE board.
    so how can i get loan for pursuing my higher studies,

  14. prashant

    can apply sbi scholar loan for vit 20 to 30 lacks for vit univercity

  15. Ragini

    What’s the best option to take international loan for creating courses like acting and film making ? I was told that not all banks lend for courses like these .

  16. Mani Karthik


    With collateral security, it’s easier. Most banks would give loans with collateral. I’d suggest contact SBI or any nationalized banks near you.

  17. Yemineni Sai madhu

    My name sai madhu….I had complete intermediate bipc 95 percentage and I got agriculture bsc seat in ap state….I need educational loan 5 lakhs..with collateral security…it is possible sir

  18. Mani Karthik

    Without collateral security, getting a student loan is bleak chance Robby. However banks can take deviation based on whether you or not you’ve been a regular long standing customer or not, your student portfolio, other investments with the bank etc.

  19. ROBBY

    I have scored 6.5 band in pte and want to pursue masters from Australia in Social work as i have completed my law from Delhi itself with 71%.So, my mother is a central government employee can i get any education loan around 30 lakhs without collateral security on her job basis from her salaried bank account or also from any private bank? And also want to know what is margin bank rate in this sense.

  20. Mani Karthik

    Hi Jack,

    Student loan without collateral is going to be tough but since your required amount is less, I think you have a chance. The only way to know is to apply for one and see what the banks are saying.

  21. jack

    I need your kind help.
    I recently completed 12th science with 92% ,I got 6 band in ielts.
    Now I wants to go Canada for my further studies and I have no any collateral.I just need 5to 6 lakh rupees.
    Is it possible to get loan from any bank according my situation.

  22. Mani Karthik

    Will check it out. I’m wary of P2P lenders. I had a bad experience with one. They don’t seem to e replying to my emails even now.

  23. Leon

    Hey Mani sir,

    wonderful and informative article

    i think p2p lending is a better option.

    i came across a really good platform called Loan Singh. They have low interest rates, fast loan processing, dedicated call centre and loan operations support. Very easily they explain me terms such as EMI and all.

    I took a personal for a new laptop to use it after getting a loan for my academic course

    If this helps anyone then great.

  24. vishal Pandey

    Sir 1 year diploma in filmmaking from Zee institute of media arts , Mumbai ….sir please tell some banks which are providing education loan for this course ….Thank you sir

  25. Mani Karthik

    Which course are you aiming for and in which college Vishal?

  26. Mani Karthik

    Please contact your nearest bank with all the details Gauresh. Thanks!

  27. gauresh

    For bank loan of sbi
    Of rs 60-70 lack for mbbs

  28. gauresh

    For NIIT course loan from sbi

  29. vishal Pandey

    Hello sir , I m Vishal ,,sir I just want to know that can I get education loan for studying filmmaking in Mumbai….. Please help me ..thank you

  30. Anoop dubey

    Hello sir l want to take loan for admission in lateral entry me process

  31. Mani Karthik

    Hi Sanjana, Depends on various factors and eligibility, but definitely possible.

  32. Sanjana

    Hey can i get a education loan of 60 lakh for mbbs?

  33. Mani Karthik

    Arun, Depends on what course, how much amount and your credit worthyness. I trust for PhD the amount will be less.

  34. arunbose

    can i get educational loan for pursuing ph.d in nationlized banks?

  35. Mani Karthik

    Hi Rajendra, with that collateral, I don’t think it is tough to get a decent student education loan from any of the banks mentioned above.
    What you should do is two things. 1) Prepare the fee structure, cost etc for submitting application.
    2) Contact at least 3-4 banks to see how competitive they can get and get a best quote.
    Also, you need to do some preparation. Here are some tips –

  36. Mani Karthik

    You could try P2P lending Pradeep. Have you tried them? Write to me on my email id, if you need information on how to apply.

  37. Pradeep

    Hi Mani, great information bro, I have got an admission for a professional program in a reputed institute in India.

    I have a personal question bro, I have a Very less CIBIL score due to which Axis Bank rejected my educational loan.

    Is there anyone who will not consider CIBIL score of the applicant, but consider all relevant documentation of the co-applicant for loan process ? Thank you.

  38. Rajendra

    Hi,Mani karti k
    I needs for education loan 1 crore for my sun. I want abroad education in usa undergraduates. I have 3-4 proprieties .it’s market value around 3-4 crore. But my it return file is only 2.50 lakh rupees. What I do getting for 1 crore education loan ?

  39. Jeevun

    Hi Mani,

    Iam going for my second MSc. I got 70%+ in my 1st Msc. My dads income PER MONTH is 5 Lakhs and has alot of mutual funds investment which cover the full loan value 2 times over atleast. I want a loan for 14lakhs, but my dad cant show “TANGIBLE” collateral. But is it possible to be approved based on his high income and mutual funds total net worth.
    Please reply.

    Kind regards

  40. Alexander Immanuel A

    Hi Mr. Mani! I want an educational loan of 10 Lakh for my one year course, which I’m planning to do abroad. Which bank gives me low interest rates?

  41. Mani Karthik

    For that amount, without collateral security, it’s going to be tough Ammu. You could try p2p lending though.

  42. Ammu

    Hi Mr. Mani,

    I need a loan of 18lacs for pursuing MBA.
    is there any bank that I can apply for loan without submitting collateral security.
    I have searched on all the websites and it mentiones around 7 lakhs is all I can get without collateral security.

    Kindly help

  43. Mani Karthik

    You could try P2P loans Rahul.

  44. Himthiyas

    I have taken admission for MBA in aviation.I need 400000 lakh of loan. Should I get the loan without collateral if it is a management seat not merit.

  45. Mani Karthik

    Kalpana, if it is for educational purposes, feel free to fill out the form mentioned above. Provided, you have the right proof and collaterals you should be able to get through.

  46. Kalpana Kaneriya

    And another thing that I have forgot to tell you that I want a Loan of Rs.100000. Please give me suggestions.

  47. Kalpana Kaneriya

    Good Morning Sir,
    I am a student of MBA of the college SLIBM, Ahmedabad. I want to know about education Loan. Which bank’s interest rates are too low and which bank is providing the best facilities in Education Loan. Please reply me as soon as you can.

  48. Mani Karthik

    Hi Vikas, That is a big amount for study within India. If there is a course that needs that kind of fees, you will have to prove it to the bank. Should be easy with an attested proof from the college/university.

  49. Achyut

    also answer my 2nd question i.e.,
    Can my grand father(Retired and Pensioner of age 80 years) be my co- borrower or guaranteer?

  50. Mani Karthik

    Hi Umesh,

    Did you already try? Let me know if you need help.

  51. umesh yadav

    i want to getting loan from sbi or pnb 400000rupees, for education please reply to me early to about re-pid ammount to both are the bank…i waiting your reply

  52. vikas

    can i get loan amount 15lac for study within india.
    if yes then tell me which bank?
    banks are saying max limit is 10 lac for studying in india.

  53. Mani Karthik

    It is possible, but I don’t think it is worth it given the formalities you will have to go through. But if your current bank can make it easy for you, nothing like it. It is only a small amount for them.

  54. Mani Karthik

    Hi Yatin,

    Even though it sounds like a fair deal, I don’t think it is possible as banks will refuse to go out of their typical structure of things to extend you a custom deal. What you could do is, get a personal loan for the amount you need. I prefer SBI but I suggest you shop around for all banks and choose the one that you like. Do fill out the form above so you can get good deals!

  55. Yatin

    I have appeared 3rd Year B.E. from reputed college in Mumbai University. Have done my 3 years without loan. Can I apply for loan only for final year. Also if I pay my fees before start of EMI, will I get benefit.
    Which is preferred bank?

  56. Srini

    Hi, really helpful article. Thanks.

    I have got a full scholarship to study in Hungary. Everything from tuition fee to living expenses are covered under the scholarship.

    But I have to buy the airticket, some books, a laptop and around Rs. 15000 as passage money, all this comes to 1 lakh rupees. Is it possible to take an education loan for this 1 lakh ? Please help me.

  57. Ajay Mantri

    My Daughter got admission in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kota (IIIT, Kota). Now please help to get Education Loan from which bank on Lowest Interest Rate.

  58. Mani Karthik

    Good job Satvik,

    You will first need to contact the college and get the details about fees, accommodation etc before applying for a loan.

  59. satvik singh

    I got 91.8% in class 12th and dropped for a year but culd not get into IIT. I have applied for NITs but am not very hopeful. However I am applicable for Electronic and computer in Thapar university how much loan would I need and which bank would be the best?

  60. naveen

    sir me Russia se MBBS karna chata hu to mujhe 17 lacs ka loan chaiye to mujhe kha se milega best interest loan

  61. karky

    Hi! I got 77% in 12th.. But I goes through management quota. Bank gives loan for me.? But I paid my first year fee..I want around 3.5lAkh for remaining 3years..

  62. Anuj Singh

    Course : MMS (Full time)
    Tenure : 2 yrs
    College : Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education
    Got Admission on the bases of MH-CET (99.70percentile) and have good academic record.(10th:78%,12th:76%,Graduation:89%)
    Loan Amount : 1,40,000
    Need lowest interest Rate possible for Education Loan

  63. Mani Karthik

    Hi Achyut,

    Vidyalakshmi portal of Govt. of India has tie ups with about 39 banks who will go through the same process of loan application. The service just makes it easier for you to apply for a loan with multiple banks easier in one go. The processes, as far as I know, remains the same.

  64. Achyut

    Hello MK,
    If we apply the loan(For not that much Rated Institution but good college) through Vidyalakshmi portal of Govt. of India, is that make our chances good enough for the grant of loan? or even those people also reject the loan based on different factors like collateral security needed for the loans below 4 lacs?
    Also another question is …can my grand father(Retired and Pensioner of age 80 years) be my co- borrower or guaranter?
    Plz help me…

  65. Mani Karthik

    What course are you applying for?

  66. Mani Karthik

    For private or non accredited institutions you will have tough time convincing the banks Saheel. What amount were you looking for?

  67. saheel

    yaar bahut koshish kiya….kidhar bhi loan nahi mil raha …hm kaziranga university sa engineering karna chahta hai par wo private institution ha sara yahi bolkar education loan nahi d rahe..

  68. Sofie

    sir, I am looking for a student loan of 50,000 for pursuing correspondence studies, I recently got a job and my salary is around 13500 take home. which bank should I apply for and which bank will disburse the amount the quickest..

  69. Mani Karthik

    You should try. You might need to convince the bank with a collateral and might end up getting higher interest rate since your credentials may get questioned. But I would suggest you apply to couple of banks to see how they respond.

  70. chanda damin

    Hi sir, i want 4lacks for nurshing. I have scored 56% in 12th can i get loan from any bank???

  71. akash mishra

    i want to study lateral entry course in manipal institute of technology,karnataka, the amount in 3 years is 1025000 plus approx 81000 hostel and mess charges per annum, total amount is 1268000 approx..
    from which bank should i take loan?
    and is there any scholarship scheme for lateral entry courses
    i enquired about scholarship from the college but they told there is no such scholarship for lateral students..
    i have completed my diploma from nttf jamshedpur

  72. Deepayan Dey

    hello,kartik…..I got admission in TU BERLIN for water engineering ,but my financial condition is not good,so that i cannot provide any collateral,I need over 20 lac ,so need an option from you to help me out..

  73. Mani Karthik

    Sure contact me via email Kunal, I might be able to help you.

  74. kunal

    i have scored 47 % in 12th.. can i get educational loan by any bank for

  75. neha paswan

    plz suggest me which banks would be better for applying education loans with low interest rates nd fast response

  76. Mani Karthik

    It differs based on the bank. But most popular banks ask you to pay only simple interest (PEMI) during the course period and principle plus interest (EMI) after the completion of studies and grace period.

  77. Nilesh

    I have a query related to interest of education loan. Does the interest on loan starts right after we get money or after the completion of course when we starts paying EMI? please reply asap .. thank you

  78. Ramya

    I am a OCI, at present doing a diploma here and would like to pursue higher education abroad Will banks give me loan as my dad is an Indian and has some properties in India.

  79. shivendra pandey

    Sir,regards i have cleared clat exam, i hope i ll get nluo 1,75,000 p.a + expenses.
    Can i get a loan but will my parents have to give interest every year.

  80. Sanjiv Rai

    Sir, I need Loan upto 4 lakhs for my PGDM course in mumbai college.
    Which bank will provided the lowest interest rate?

  81. ayush bagwari

    hiii i need loan of 5 lacs and my father have a government job ..which bank provide best interest rate?????

  82. Meenakshi

    hello sir…..I want to take admission in srm university but my father is in private job n we don’t have any collateral security….can I get education loan upto 10 lakhs without collateral from any bank

  83. riya

    Hi sir I want loan for MBA in Mumbai. I want loan nearly between 4-5.5 lakh. which bank is best and with less interest. pls help already I have loan for my engineering and I m paying that


    Hi Karthik, any reviews on Avanse Education loan? Do you know any nationalized banks which accept agricultural land as collateral security?


    sir i want an education loan upto 8lacsfor vit ,which bank should I approach.

  86. rahul singh

    **my mother is a govt employee!!

  87. rahul singh

    sir,i need a loan of amount 9lacs for my pgdm course but i have lots of complication in my collateral deposit.insufficient papers.where should i go for a loan without security??

  88. rahul singh

    hello sir,i am seeking for an education loan for my pgdm course.As my tution fees is 9lakhs.i want to take 9lakhs as the loan amount.but dont have colletral deposit as it is very complicated due to unavailability of mother is in govt job.what should i do??please help me out with the same.

  89. Mani Karthik

    It depends on your credentials Abhijit. Check the list above for the best loan options.

  90. Mani Karthik


    That makes it tough to convince banks for a student loan. However if you provide enough collateral and guarantors, there is a possibility. You will need to provide them with information on your intended course of study, college details, fees structure etc.

  91. Mani Karthik

    Hi Sudip,

    Having no collateral will make your chances less. You might want to consider opting for a guarantor. But I suggest contacting SBI. Please also carry all your credentials. All the best.

  92. Sudip Nath

    I need around 18 lac loan for studying abroad in Ireland. I have good marks consistently from junior school. I don’t think I can provide an equivalent collateral. So will I apply to SBI or Dena bank or any other bank? Please help.

  93. Heer Randhawa

    I don’t have gud acedemic marks. All are below 60%. But in my post graduation I scored above 60. And now I want to study abroad. Am I eligible to get education loan. For my further studies. And I will apply in IT sector for my abroad studies.
    Please suggest.

  94. Abhijit Das

    which bank provides the lowest rate of interest ?

  95. Debatri Roy

    I want 2 lacs loan for my master degree. What is the best loan.

  96. Mani Karthik

    I agree.

  97. Mani Karthik

    Depends on other factors. But you have a good case to show. I would recommend going to 2-3 banks to see what offers you can compare with.

  98. Mani Karthik

    That is sad. Try contacting other banks also Hardik.

  99. Mani Karthik

    Hi Ishanth, All the best. Check out all the options from different banks mentioned above. Choose one that fits your needs.

  100. Ishanth Kumar

    I have 83% in 10th, 75% in +2 and 59.2% in Btech. I’m planning for masters in abroad. Only hope for me to get bank loan is my brother-in-law, who can help me out acting as collateral. Which bank has low rate of interest?

  101. Hardik saini

    I had applied for loan in HDFC Credila, but it got rejected. The reason for rejection was that my fathers company was negative listed in RBI. I need a loan urgently or my admission will be cancelled. What should i do now ?

  102. Ashutosh Rastogi

    Can the banks accept land plot as a security? Can any bank give upto 10 lacs without collateral security if parents’ take home is above 70,000?

  103. rahul

    Hello sir i have less than 60% in gradution and now want to do mba but for that need loan of around 10 lakhs so can i get education loan in this case my father is a gov servent plz respond fast and i am from genral caste

  104. arham

    how can we contact and what is the procedure
    i want loan upto 25 lacs but my parents cannot show a collateral

  105. Sachin

    I would recommend SBI for student loans, they have strict policies but if you provide them the right kind of required details, they will pass you a loan.

  106. Mani Karthik

    What use is this for Hitesh? Which college/university are you applying for?

  107. Mani Karthik

    That will put you in a tough situation Supriya. All banks would require you to provide a collateral against the amount. But I’ve known of cases where the bank first rejected the loan application but due to persistent follow up and display of merit, loans were given. Mostly because the bank manager/loan officer trusted the person for their merits and talents and approve loans on his behalf. However these cases are not common since it puts the loan officer in risk. Also, you might not get a large amount approved. I would recommend you to keep trying at different banks and convince the loan office/manager of your merits and educational qualifications. Wish you all the best.

  108. Mani Karthik

    Not aware of Prodigy’s offers but SBI’s educational loans are much recommended. They have SBI Cal in So Cal as well, it might be easier for you to do transactions. What loan amount are you looking for Priya?

  109. Priya Saxena

    Since SBI has also reduced the loan limit for study abroad to Rs. 20 Lakhs, can you please shed some light on Prodigy Finance? How feasible it would be to take a loan from it vs SBI? My university is University of Southern California.

  110. supriya dhakal

    Hi I want a edu. loan of 7 lakh but my father cannot show any property or any policies which can amount upto 7 lakh. we are from a lower middle class family. what can i do about that?

  111. Mani Karthik

    Please contact any of the banks mentioned above with your course/college details. They should be able to help.

  112. Mani Karthik

    Try SBI.

  113. mehul khatri

    Sir, I want loan upto 17 lakh. Which bank is better to take educatioloan in gujarat…

  114. hitesh

    Loan option 20 lacs

  115. Rev. Father Ubaka Andrei

    do you need any kind of loan? we can help you contact us.

  116. nadeem

    Sir mai aipmt ke coaching kar raha hoon agar mera sellection gorvement mai nahi hota to mai himalia medical collage dehradoon mai admission chahata hoon aap mujhe admission ke lea loan dena reply me

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