10 Useful Software for Online Time Tracking

Timesheets are an old-fashioned method of keeping track of time spent on a project or task. These sheets which are filled manually proved to be inaccurate and inefficient, not to mention consumption of more time. Employee time tracking software is a useful tool when you want to make sure that your employees are being productive and not just wasting their time and your money. It also helps you keep track of employees whom are excelling.

As every business knows, time is money so it is important to use software that not only keeps track of employee time but also the time that each project takes.

Here are 10 software used for time tracking:

1. 1DayLater (Not available anymore)


This is web-based software. Businesses and organizations can keep track of their day-to-day activities with the help of this tool. Expenses, miles traveled for business, time spent on projects or with clients, etc. are all tracked.

2. Auto Timesheet


Time management is taken to the next level with this software. It is easy to use, reliable and secure and this allows organizations to manage their workload and projects with efficiency, accuracy and orderliness.

3. Chrometa


This is software that captures the time you spend on your computer automatically. It keeps track of how much time you spend on an application or a project. Your files and e-mails are noted and a time entry is created based upon that. It can also be used in your iPhone or Android smartphone to keep track of time you spend in work.

4. Dovico


This time tracking software is designed specifically to keep track of expenses and time sheets, manage projects and also track attendance of employees. It is easy to use and employees have access only to sheets with projects assigned to them.

5. ITR Company


This company has created an automated attendance and time software. It also helps keep track of jobs and payroll systems. This way, it helps the company save large amounts of money by providing accurate data.

6. MetriQ-Automated Time Sheet Completion


Time sheets no longer need to be filled as MetriQ provides an automated system to make it easier for companies to capture time accurately and reliably. This helps save money and time that can be spent on increasing productivity.

7. Sage TimeSheet


This is a software solution that helps companies keep track of time spent on projects and manage expenses. It can be integrated with a number of systems or it can be used to function on its own with optimized efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

8. Sage Timeslips


This is a software solution that helps companies keep track of employee time in small to mid-sized businesses. Web-based tracking and electronic billing solutions are provided among other services. This is the fastest and easiest way to manage time-tracking and billing.

9. Senomix


Organizations can simplify their time collection with this software. It helps in identifying billing and non-billing hours for clients and projects that take employee time. It also allows employers keep track of staff efforts on various projects as well as expenses.

10. TimeSheet Reporter


This software helps in reporting time from your Microsoft Outlook calendar. It helps you track the time that is spent on projects, organizations and activities. Employee vacation time and sick leaves are also tracked efficiently and accurately.

The efficiency in any workplace is increased when there is good time management. If an employee is able to complete his target due to efficient time management, he has an edge over his co-workers. Prioritizing one’s work based on urgency is a great way to work. When the importance of time management is realized, it makes an employee more efficient and effective, and consequently invaluable to the organization.

Time tracking of employees allows an employer keep track of the work environment. He is also able to keep track of every employee’s productivity. Compared to the manual timesheets of yesteryears, automated time tracking software is more accurate, efficient and effective. It helps in keeping every process and department organized and we all know that an employee management system that is organized is the backbone of any successful organization. For businesses that do not use these software, it is time to do so to increase productivity as well as profit.

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