How To Write a Book


So, you want to write a book? Well, writing is easy – anyone can write. But writing something that’s worthy enough of being published as a book requires some effort. Not trying to discourage you, but writing a book is not a difficult process if you know how to. Let’s take a look into how you can write a book and get it published.

Writing is a beautiful form of communication that involves usage of language in the most sophisticated manner. At the same time, it has to be gripping, interesting and easy to understand. Writing is a passion and only few people are gifted with it. If a person has a spark of writing it can never be hidden as knowingly or unknowingly he is forced to scribble.

How To Write a Book

Here’s how you can write a book in simple steps.

1. Analyze your thinking patterns

This can be done by observing carefully your thoughts or even dreams Find out your areas of interest such as the things which fascinates you the most or what kind of books you love to read more often and so. These factors would probably help you to find out what you really wish to write how long or short you intent to write. Writing about your most interesting subjects provides you more and more counts of words and lines which will actually surprise you once you begin writing.

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2. Select a topic to write

Topics should be decided once you get an idea of what fascinates you most . There are an immense number of topics you can select from such as Novel, Short Stories ,Children’s Book, Books by genre, Fictions ,Non-fictions, Science Fictions, Travel Books, Fantasy, Suspense and Thriller, Computer and Technology, Action and adventure, Comedy or Humor, Fitness and the list goes.

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3. Research on the selected topic

Do a research on various requirements and guidelines you need to follow while you pick up certain topics. This process helps you to explore points which you might not have given a thought. Investigating and fact finding is also an excellent way in writing a good book or an article. Researching on current market and trends in market also helps you in publishing your write ups.

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4. Reading is the key to successful writing

Read, read and read as much as possible as it unknowingly may provide that spark to your writing which even you may wonder where it comes from. Reading is a great tool for congregate knowledge as well.

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5. Start with baby steps

Gather information and start writing notes instead of large paragraph. Since it is your first time you need to more cautious in gathering information a choosing the right words. Always carry a note pad with you in case you light an idea. Always make it a point to write whatever comes in your mind. sometimes those ideas stays for a fraction of time.

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6. Planning the Format

The most important tip is to place your ideas in an organized manner rather than shattering it. Set up certain counts before writing. You can use any medium of your choice in writing that is in your laptop or computer or simple and old method to write in papers.

7. Writing should Follow Guidelines

Once you have reached your counts in words its time to actually start up your writing according to the the set up standards .It is always better to follow rules of writings . The writing is published to the public so it should not be indented to hurt the feelings of the reader. Though writing is an art there are certain norms which should be met while you seriously start to write for the public . It requires to go through certain standards .

8. Select your Style

Choice of your style completely depends upon you . Always follow the style once it is selected a sit is more convenient for the readers . The writing will only hold or interest the reader to read only if it is favorable and comfortable for the reader. As you have read a numerous books you would probably be aware of the style which satisfy you and the reader the most.

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9. Find out a peaceful place

Locate yourself to a place which suits you the most where you feel has a positive vibes passing through to sit and think and thus get the magic of words . A peaceful place where you find most suitable to get bright ideas and you attain powerful thought.

10. Use your time wisely

It is always better to use very less time on the internet while you are writing a book as it is a productivity killer and force us to spend a lot of time without fruitful thinking. Social media such a Facebook and Twitter might hobble your time . This tip is not a irrelevant in case you are searching for your topics to write . Use your time wisely.

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11. Time for Relaxation

Always make it a point to find time for relaxation because writing requires a lot of energy . It is not easy as its seen . It requires a little physical and a lot of mental stress. so make it a point to take intervals in between your writing like may be take a coffee break or so.

12.Finding a publisher

Once you have finished writing you would probably like it to be published . In current scenario there are a numerous mode to publish like blogs ,websites kindle or if you are looking for publishing it in magazine or thinking of a book you can prepare to do so. It is always mandatory to appoint somebody for correction process . This step helps you in finding out grammatical mistakes and other errors.

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Writing requires talent and enthusiasm. But there are certain elements such as luck or sometimes some assume as God’s grace in certain circumstances which makes your dream really happen . Most of the time you feel that luck is not favoring you ,your writings has failed to light up the spark in people . This is the most important time of your life to not lose your control over emotions and act smart . Try even harder . Its not a big issue if you lose a boat once . There are ample number of chances waiting for you . Find out what went wrong and act smart.

All the best for your adventurous writing Journey .

Tips for writing a book – Video Tutorial

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