Tips to get your travel insurance claim approved

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Written By Mani Karthik

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Increasing terrorist attacks, extreme weather conditions, epidemics like those spread by the Zika virus and more. With an increase in the dangers when travelling abroad, the travel insurance sector has seen solid growth in 2016, says an article published by Travel Weekly. However, other than the heightened awareness of dangers amongst frequent flyers, the increasing value of travel insurance policies in terms of coverage and a streamlined claim filing process has also added to their popularity.

In fact, this popularity will only increase in the coming years, with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) predicting travel insurance sales reaching $2.2 billion, showing a rise of nearly 5% in 2017 over the previous year, according to the Travel Market Report, published in February 2017.

As we know, travel insurance is intended to cover for medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation and interruption, flight accident and other losses incurred during domestic or international travel. These policies also cover medical evacuation by paying for medical emergency transportation expenses. The policyholder can also opt for additional or optional coverage, such as accidental death, waiver of pre-existing conditions or the Cancel for Any Reason benefit, by paying a little extra.

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This safety net works in a reimbursement structure, quite similar to other insurance policies. To get reimbursed by the travel insurance company, the policyholder needs to file a claim. He/she needs to provide documentation for this, including their medical bills, flight schedule, statement from the airline, etc., depending on the situation, proving the cause of expenses during travel. So far, so good.

As mentioned earlier, the streamlined claim filing process has raised the popularity of travel insurance. However, what if, for any reason, your travel insurance claim gets denied? Don’t worry, here are a few tips that will helps you get your claim approved.

4 Steps to Assure Insurance Claim Approval

  1. Buy from a Reputed Company:
    When buying the policy, do thorough research about the insurer’s claim settlement record. Contact them and ask for the maximum information. Even when filing the application form, completely understand what the travel insurance covers and what it doesn’t, are they covering you for a pre-existing disease, and what is their claim process.
  2. Be Clear About Your Medical History:
    When buying insurance, the most important step that most buyers miss is getting themselves reviewed by their doctor for their medical history and medication. There might be chances that you may have developed a certain complication, which you are not aware of (since you didn’t undergo a medical examination), which can lead to a medical emergency abroad. When filing a claim, if the insurance company discovers something new about your medical condition, there are high chances that your claim will get denied.
  3. Don’t Throw Away Any Document:
    When filing for a claim, your tickets, receipts and other related documents serve as proof of location and expense, which need to be submitted in original. Throwing away or misplacing any single one of them can get your claim denied.
  4. Call the Insurance Company Immediately:
    Contacting the insurance company at the earliest, preferably within 24 hours, in case of a medical emergency, lost luggage and flight cancellation, lays the foundation of successful claim approval.

Even during the claim process, follow the instructions from the insurance company for speedy claim approval.