Reasons Why You Should Not Lie During Visa Interviews

I have been asked a lot many time, that “I am applying for a visa, and am worried about what to put in my application,” and even, “What if I answer that question with this?”

I do realize that the US visa interview process can be intimidating even for the best of us. While being nervous is perfectly alright, although it is best not to appear too anxious during the interview, lying during the visa interview is something one should definitely avoid.

One of the major consequences of lying, either on the visa application form or the interview, is that it may permanently disqualify you or lead to permanent ineligibility for the US visa. The price is just too high to gamble it away.

Actions that Fall Under the Category of Lying

  • Providing incorrect or false information during the interview or on your application.
  • Presenting fake or altered documents in support of your application.
  • Presenting a fake or improperly obtained proof of identity.
  • Presenting a fake passport at a port of entry in an attempt to gain entry into the US.

How Consular Officers Know You are Lying

Having years of experience, judging and analyzing people by the way they come to the interview hall, sit, talk, express themselves non-verbally through even the tiniest facial expressions, consular officers are highly trained for and skilled at their job.

They will literally scour your application, while asking you questions to verify the information, during the assessment of your case. However, your application is not the only document they have. They have additional records with them, which they review. If required, they may even ask you for additional documentation during the visa interview. So, don’t assume they haven’t done their homework.

Truthfulness is the Key

Let me start with a very interesting quote, “A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.” I agree that the visa application process can appear to be pretty daunting at first. You may find yourself burdened with numerous forms and information, along with different fees. You might even feel confused regarding the information you should or shouldn’t reveal, or in simple words, whether you should be completely honest or would that threaten your chances of getting a visa. This confusion is especially seen in applicants who have been refused in the past, while having given all the correct information.

However, let me tell you that the US visa process has been designed to be straightforward and accessible. Whoever asks me, I tell them to provide consistent and true information. Regardless of whether your visitor’s visa, immigrant visa or student visa application was denied previously, always provide correct information on your next application and submit authentic documents to the embassy related to your application.

You’ll be surprised to see that your case is strengthened by this. The consular officers will respect your honesty, which will only increase points in your favor.

Consequences of Lying

Lying to a consular officer to obtain a visa is seen as fraud or misrepresentation. The consequences can be really serious, with permanent ineligibility for a US visa being a very real worst-case scenario.

Even if you get lucky and get away with some untruths, stay prepared for your visa to be revoked, since the embassy keeps on actively reviewing all visa issuance. Any fraud suspected due to information obtained by the embassy or consulate is immediately taken care of, no matter how old the case was.

I cannot guarantee that you’ll obtain a visa each time, but it would be much better to be refused once than getting a permanent disqualification, since you’ll still have the chance to apply again.

All the best!

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  1. Mani Karthik

    There’s only one way to find out – give the interview one more time. But since you’ve been denied twice, it doesn’t make sense applying again as nothing has significantly changed ever since.

  2. Tosin

    Hello. I lied in my first and second application that I don’t have any relative in the US and I was denied. What is my chance of getting the student visa if I tell the truth?

  3. arup

    very good post.thank you.

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