Top 10 Best SUVs in India

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Nowadays, people in India own or use SUVs irrespective of their social status. It can accommodate more number of people. Even tall persons feel free to travel in SUV as they don’t have to bend when they enter into the vehicle and get out of the vehicle. A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) makes the traveller feel out of danger during travel. It provides peaceful travel and there will not be any shake during travel. There will be no tiredness among passengers throughout the journey.

SUVs are used mainly for pilgrim trips, long trips, exciting trips, wild life trips, etc. The SUVs are ideal for close view of nature while travelling, photography etc. As most of the SUVs run on diesel, the government prefers the same as it lessens the demand for petrol for Indian roads. The SUVs are mainly designed for worst roads, mountain ranges, coastal regions, forests etc. as they are safe for travellers.

SUVs are advisable for all types of travel irrespective of weather conditions. Most of the families hire SUVs for travelling purpose as they can be travelled together safely. They can stretch their legs and relax throughout the trip. Also, families prefer these as they can carry their bags and things with them safely.

These are also influenced among the Indian police including rural and traffic police, Indian army, media for telecasting, foresters for photography, mountaineers for riding, politicians for election purpose, and traders for shipment. Indian Police use SUVs for protecting the public from accidents. Indian army use SUVs for its officers to conduct meetings and to perform the country’s border activities safely. Foresters use SUVs for taking pictures of animals for media purpose as it protects them from animals.

Some great personalities use SUVs for showing their status in the public. It has a great pulling power. Therefore it is well used in sludge, snowfall areas in India. Some persons use SUVs just for amusement purpose. Traffic police will use the same for travel and regulate the traffic.

Almost all the travellers and guests to India prefer SUVs to make their journey at ease. This is because these can be used to drive on plains, deserts, water, snow, hill areas etc. Most of the tourism departments in India prefer SUVs for their customers. Also, they make sure that an SUV is equipped with communication accessories like phone, loud speaker in case of emergency and maps to locate the roads and places. Some youngsters, who have a very good passion in adventure trips, prefer SUVs. They take pleasure in travelling in SUVs.

SUVs are classified in accordance with their size into small, medium and large. Let us see some of those best SUVs in India.

1) Renault Duster

Top 10 Best SUVs in India

It is one of the most wanted SUVs in India. It is cost effective in the case of usage of fuel.  There are 4 models available in India. Though it is very big in size, it meets the expectation of passengers. Its price ranges from 7- 12 lakhs in India.

2) Mahindra XUV 500

It is a product from Mahindra group of companies. It has 3 models available in India. All the equipments attached to this vehicle are of superior quality. Its performance is high. Its price ranges from Rs 12-14 lakhs in India.

3) Audi Q3

It is one of the latest petrol based SUV models of Volkswagen group in India. It is very famous in maintaining the speed. It provides great acceleration and makes the passengers feel more secure. It costs Rs 27-32 lakhs in India.

4) Mercedes Benz ML Class

This belongs to Mercedes Benz group. This diesel based SUV has 3 models in India. Its greatest advantage is that the engine will get automatically turn off when we trap in heavy traffic. This, in turn, preserves the fuel proficiently. Its price costs from Rs 45-60 lakhs in India.

5) BMW X3

It was launched by BMW group of companies. It has both diesel and petrol based models. It is mostly useful for adventure purpose. It is ideal for mountain ranges. It is equipped with music system along with loud speaker facility. It has a very good seating arrangement with the accessories to prevent shudder during travel. Its price ranges from Rs 41-47 lakhs in India.

6) Ford Endeavour

This belongs to Ford group of companies. Its price ranges from Rs 17-19 lakhs in India. It is well equipped in locking system using power technology. It has done special safety measures for kids. It has music system for entertainment.

7) Mahindra Scorpio

It is also from Mahindra group of companies. It is very competent in the world market. It is very economical in fuel usage. The devices attached to it are based on power mode. It costs from Rs 8-12 lakhs in India.

8) Toyota Fortuner

This is lengthy type SUV. It is available in three shades of colours in India. It has devices in power mode, air bags for both drivers and passengers, anti-lock braking technology, safety measure for children etc.

9) Mitsubishi Pajero

This is a great gift from Mahindra group of companies for Indian roads. Its cost amounts to Rupees 20 lakhs in India. It has tubeless tyres, alloy wheels, air bags, accessories with power mode, anti-lock braking system etc.

10) Chevrolet Captiva

It is from Chevrolet group. Its cost ranges from Rupees 18-20 lakhs in India. As a safety measure, it has separate air bags for both driver and passenger. It has front fog light, central locking system etc.

These SUVs are listed on the basis of their demand in India. This differs in accordance with one’s own necessity and perception. This is because the best SUVs can be identified on the basis of many facts like its quality on service, its cost, its purpose to passengers, and its resale amount. Though it is very costly when compared to other cars in India, it is considered as secure for travellers. Therefore, it is concluded that SUVs, in general, are good to be having in Indian roads.

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