5 Best Websites To Buy Travel Insurance Online

You’re looking to buy travel insurance but not sure where from. Here are some tips!

Even though the USA is known for its best medical care, medical expenses are very high and it is impossible to consult a doctor even for a small illness. So even you are visiting the US for a short span of time, definitely, you need medical insurance.

There are many companies in the US that provide separate medical insurance for visitors. Visitors Medical Insurance is usually for a short span of time and it may vary from as short as 5 days to 6 months or so. It usually covers expenses such as surgery, lab charges, X-rays, prescribed tablets and drugs, X-rays, hospital expenses, doctor’s charges, etc.

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Types of Travel Insurance

When you’re trying to buy travel insurance online, there are two types of insurance plans namely fixed coverage plans and comprehensive coverage plans.

Fixed coverage is also called a scheduled benefit plan in which you have to first pay the deductible or the first premium and the company pays the amount for procedures such as ambulance service, doctor’s fees, room charges. But these charges are fixed by the company and you have to pay the rest of the amount. In comprehensive coverage after you pay the first premium, the company pays 80% of the expenses for the first $5000. After that, it pays 100% of the expenses till the policy period. A fixed coverage plan is cheaper than a comprehensive plan but it does not offer travel benefits like loss of baggage, trip cancellation charges, etc.

Where to buy Travel Insurance online

It is advisable to get medical insurance from the USA instead of your home country. Because you will get an insurance card, ID number, toll-free number in the US for contacting in case of any queries or claims.

Also, the plans are renewable and refundable in case you finish the trip in advance before the actual date. The rules for medical insurance are very strict in the USA so that you will get the maximum benefits.

You will not get an insurance card or a toll-free number to reach if you buy it in your country.

1. Insubuy

Insubuy offers all the information related to health insurance for B1 and B2 visitors and it also provides the quotes for the top-rated insurance plans with the option for buying it online. You can search and compare various insurance plans by mentioning citizenship, maximum policy amount, start date, end date, age, coverage area, etc in the search criteria. There is no medical exam required and you can purchase the policy online from popular companies like Inbound, Liaison, Atlas America, Diplomat America, etc.

2.Visitors coverage

Visitors Coverage offers all the information related to health insurance for B1 and B2 visitors and it also provides the quotes for the top-rated insurance plans with the option for buying it online. It provides quotes for popular insurance companies such as Inbound USA, VisitorSecure, Atlas America, Patriot America, etc. It provides the details like plan brochure, description of the coverage, claim form, how the plan works, etc. You can choose a fixed or comprehensive plan depending on your requirement.

3. HCC Medical Insurance

HCC Medical Insurance Services offers two types of travel health insurance for visitors and they are Atlas Professional and Atlas Travel. Atlas Travel is valid for a single trip and the duration can go up to one year. It covers for accidents and injuries and the coverage includes hospital room expenses, ambulance cost, ICU cost, outpatient treatment, etc. Atlas Professional insurance can be used for multiple trips and it also offers coverage for dependents or spouse and the coverage includes all the ones mentioned for Atlas Travel insurance.

4. PSI Health Insurance

PSI Health Insurance provides emergency medical insurance plan for visa holders such as B1, B2, F2, and J2.  The duration may vary from 1 to 6 months. The premium rates depend on the age of the person, period of coverage and selection of deductible, etc. You can buy the policy by filling the enrollment form online and they will provide the insurance card, policy brochure, claim form, and other documents after the purchase.

5. iVisitorInsurance

iVisitorsInsurance offers quotes for visa holders such as B1, B2, F2, and J2, and the duration may go up to 1 year. The policy from companies like Atlas America can be purchased or renewed online. The claim form, policy brochure, etc can be downloaded from the site. Atlas America insurance covers hospital room expenses, ICU cost, outpatient treatment, etc. It also provides a list of hospitals and doctors in the Preferred Provider Network (PPO).

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