Is there really an unlimited internet plan in India?

Many people come to me asking for truly unlimited internet plans. As in internet plans without any limit. Many folks are ready to pay for it, whatever it may be. But sadly, I have to disappoint them. In India, as of today (Jan 18th, 2017), there are no truly unlimited internet plans. There are some new ones coming up though. Read on…

Unlimited internet plans don’t exist in India. Here are the top internet plans in India, and you’ll notice that at least some of them, if not all will occasionally feature an unlimited plan. But watch out for that asterisk.

Unlimited plans comes with conditions. Usually an FUP limit. Which means, you’ll get super fast internet for a certain period of allowed data bandwidth. Beyond which, the speed will decrease.

It’s frustrating. While the Govt. is boasting digital India, the world is ahead of India with about 10 to 50 times faster internet. Top guns like Reliance Jio are aiming to crib this gap with latest technology. But I assume, it’s going to take a while to go mainstream if not launch. Currently Mumbai and Pune has Fiber internet from Jio which is boasting of high speed internet.

BSNL’s truly unlimited 3G internet plan

Now, the good news. BSNL has stated that it will bring back its truly unlimited 3G internet plan in India on this Republic day (February 2017). But is this plan truly unlimited? Let’s see.

Yes and No. BSNL’s truly unlimited 3G plan will be unlimited without FUPs or speed blocks, however they will be limited by days of usage. As in, the unlimited usage will not be for ever or monthly basis. It might be an offer that exists for a few days.

The old plan offered truly unlimited 3G data usage at just Rs 498 with a validity of 14 days. (Source)

Will the Republic day offer beat it b extending 14 days to one month? Let’s wait and watch.

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  1. Fenil Solanki

    Here one unlimited broadband plan on landline , BBG Combo ULD 1199 , Upto 2 Mbps Flat and also 24 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.

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