10 Best Video Conferencing Apps

With everything we know getting online, businessmen and entrepreneurs are making the most of the internet by using Web conferencing services. If you have a business and want to communicate with staff, colleagues and prospects, you can use the services of cloud based apps for ensuring smooth communication without having everybody in person. Webinars and conferences are more like a virtual meeting that you conduct online where you share things with others via the interface of the app and by using video or voice chat. Check these 10 cloud apps for creating online meetings and conferences:

1. GoToMeeting

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps This is a web conferencing tool with an option to host and conduct meetings with around 15 people at a time. It offers high-definition video conferencing and can be connected from PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone or even an android device. Among other things, you can schedule meetings and it also allows you to share apps on your computer. GoToMeeting is free for a trial.

2. InterCall

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-2 This service offers web, audio and video conferencing and works excellent for small businesses and large companies alike. Large events can be planned at the drop of the hat, and the services are extremely scalable, ensuring everyone in the company can collaborate and organize conferences from anywhere. Prices start at $42, and in the initial plan, you can include 20 participants at a time.

3. WebMeeting

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-3 You can conduct easy and high quality web conferencing without having spent a fortune. Once you set up the meeting, the participants don’t need any software to join in. Also, there is an audio conferencing solution known as ConferenceCall by the same company, where you can ask people to join you on an audio call. Prices start at $17.95!

4. Zoho Meeting

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-4 If low cost meet organizing is on your mind, this is the app that must be on your mind. This one works for small and large businesses with equal ease and can be used to make remote presentations, as well. You can create a meeting easily, and there are no software requirements for others to join it. They also offer an audio conferencing service and works on multiple platforms including Mac and Linux, and of course, Windows. (Prices from $12).

5. Scheduly

Another small but growing appointment scheduling service that allows you to connect with anyone easily. What works in the favor of this app is the fact that they allow 90 day full featured trial service, and after that you need to pay around $10 every month.

6. TimeCenter

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-5 This is a Scheduling Software that starts working in less than 60 minutes. Rather than focusing on large firms, this one is more for those who have many appointments to handle. You can set events and invite people easily with the service sending automatic text message and email reminders to people in the guest list. The services are available for a month free.

7. Mijura

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-6 This one is a team collaboration app that is low on price and offers a number of added features. You can create tasks and get others comment on it, track time and make reports of meetings, and even convert the minutes of meetings in tasks. Modifying and creating meetings is also easy on this app, and the prices start for as low as $9.

8. Microsoft Office 365

When it comes from Microsoft, you know you have trusted emails and meetings organization services. You can conduct emails and meetings for a low price of $4 and even use the app when you don’t have any experience of conducting online meetings in the past.

9. eBLVD Online Meetings

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-8 This one is another powerful app for online meetings and is extremely expensive compared to others, but that doesn’t ruin its charm. It allows you to schedule and make meetings in a click, and there are a lot of features such as Firewall Support, Audio Conferencing, Full Desktop Sharing, Private and Group Chat, and Remote Control only to name a few. Prices start at $40.

10. Evermeeting

online-meeting-video-conferencing-apps-7 A simple app for reducing the use of paper and conduct meetings online. With prices starting as low as $4.99, you have a number of features such as creating meeting agenda, transcription tool of top quality and more.

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