10 Best Website Hosting in India

Choosing a website hosting company is like choosing a good neighborhood to build a house. It’s the most important aspect of your online business. In this article, I’ll share with you the best website hosting companies in India.

But first, what does a website hosting company do?

A web host is kind of like a rental home for your website. Choose wisely where you’d be living.

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A website hosting service keeps your websites running, ensuring that all online services are up 24/7. It keeps your website safe from hacks and attacks and makes your website available for anyone to browse at any point in time. It’s a costly affair and many companies who are serious about their online business outsource their website hosting to an expert company.

There are many website hosting services in India that help in web hosting, but one that fits your budget and at the same time offers great quality is hard to come by.

If you go for a cheap one, you’re compromising on quality. If you go for quality, it’s usually expensive. So, how do you choose a good website hosting company?

You need to make a thorough study and check the reviews from customers who have used them to understand what exactly they do and how efficient they are. (Related: Web hosting for high traffic websites.)

Many companies these days are moving to cheaper website hosting services in India because it is economical and scale-able. Support is also cheaper with hosting companies in India. However, there are some concerns from customers about the quality of service offered. This, however, is changing. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best website hosting services in India.

Before we go ahead, let me also mention the things to consider while choosing a website host.

  • Uptime – Make sure that the hosting service has at least 99% uptime. The more the better.
  • Hidden Costs – Make sure they don’t charge you extra for additional features.
  • Pricing – Make sure they charge you for what you use and not for unnecessary features.
  • Customer Support – Make sure that you get prompt customer support.

From my experience, not all cheap hosts are really “cheap”.

Usually, they reduce the price to attract first time users and offer bare-naked packages. Once you are set up and running on their systems, eventually, you will end up buying their extra services.

10 Best Website Hosting in India

Here are the best website hosting companies in India.

1. Hostinger

I hadn’t heard of this name three years back. But today, it is the most sought after and talked about website hosting company in India.

Why are they special? In a market that is saturated with cheap competition, Hostinger has come up with a good balance between quality and price. It offers cheap website hosting packages but with features that you may not find in some of the most expensive ones out there.

They offer lightspeed caching on their WordPress hosting service and offers hosting as low as Rs.100 per month.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest and highest-profile web hosting companies in the world. They offer major shared hosting services to the small and medium businesses as well as individuals. If you are looking for a cheap, yet safe and scalable web hosting plan then Godaddy is the best option. They offer a wide range of web-related products and services.

From building to hosting your site, GoDaddy offers services at competitive rates that you could just not let go of.

3. ZnetLive

This web hosting company is situated in Jaipur, India, and are professionals in for a range of personal and business hosting. The serves or ZNetLive are housed in the US, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. They are built with high quality and center design concept which makes it easy and faster for customers to use.

They are privately labeled with high performance, having data centers both in the US and India, with unlimited bandwidths, and great speed. All this together makes it one of the best choices. With all these features, they charge only the market rates and thus making it an affordable one too. Since they deal with business hosting, they have the corporate email solution, premium anti virus options, and wonderful one-stop solutions for all your web related problems.

4. BigRock

This is one of the biggest company that services millions with their web hosting and domain needs. Both in business and individual needs, they have solutions for all. Right from personal hosting to domain name registration, reseller hosting to e-commerce solutions, high production television ads, and having round the clock service, Bigrock has made sure that they satisfy all the needs of their customers in every single aspect they could. The plans of BigRock offer unlimited space, email addresses, and transfer. They have easy to use control panels and a 30-day money-back guarantee, if not satisfied. All these facilities at budgeted rates and you would just love it.

5. eWebGuru

Being in this industry for more than eight years, and building a good reputation for customers both in India and the US, the eWebGuru has provided to be the best, reliable web hosting service. They offer four shared hosting plans for both Linux and Windows users. With excellent customer support and plans, they make sure that their customers who prevail in their facilities stay satisfied and happy.

They currently host more than 25000 websites. Have unlimited hosting plans and bandwidth with the basic plan onwards. A platform that hundreds choose daily for their web hosting related services.

6. HostPapa

HostPapa has taken the initiative to ‘go green’ by purchasing green renewable energy. They are one among the best web hosting companies that stand apart for being earth-friendly, customer-friendly, excellent services, and simple featuring rich hosting, which also includes a free domain!

This is a feature-rich web hosting plan which offers great features, add-ons, and plenty of resources made available to transfer your existing website to a better one. With unlimited Webhosting, data transfer, domains, free setup, free domain name, and many more, the Hostpage makes it a wonderful choice to pick while transferring your website, all at nominal charges.

7. HostGator

Webhosting has been made easy and affordable through Host Gator with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free website templates, easy control panel, 45-day money-back guarantee, and a full 24-hour technical support is provided. They provide excellent services to customers from over 200 countries across the globe.

8. Bruwink

Getting online has been made easy through Brunswick. This web hosting platform helps you to build your website quickly and with ease and has a hundred options from which you could choose. You could boost your business through having an email hosting domain of your own and secure it with the help of an SSL Certificate. All this is available for reasonable prices and they make your experience at the web a lot more interesting.

9. Net4

This is one of the leading brands mostly for business purposes at competitive rates. They have free domain options and also offers free domain transferring options. They are the world leaders in business email services in India and also the best cloud hosting service in India. They provide a wide range of options in Webhosting and all at affordable rates. Along with the Webhosting comes unlimited data transfer, backup, and many other applications for free. For any kind of Webhosting service, Net4 is one of the most sorted Webhosting platforms in India.

10. India Links

They believe that everything starts with a great domain and that is what motivated them to help others in achieving great domains. They have services that include malware scanning, website monitoring, SSL certifications, and many more that make them one of the topmost in the web hosting services. They have very nominal payments for getting a domain which would help you to grow. They have rewarding options too hosted by them while shopping. In every means, India Links makes sure that its customers stay satisfied and happy and get all facilities as needed by them.

11. Net Craft India

This is a one-stop solution for all web hosting issues and they help you out with any kind of domain hosting that you make like which would help to boost your page. They have their great domain selling packages like the Domain registration, reseller hosting, Dedicated and VPS hosting, which makes it one of the best Webhosting platforms in India.

They have free domain transfer, free site builder and templates, and free domain name registration. Having the option of any time back offers makes more space for users to get to them. Having satisfied customers, Net Craft India makes it to one of the leading web hosting platforms in India.

These are just a few of the web hosting services in India. Hope you found it useful.

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  1. Gokul Kumar

    Yes, Indian web hosting companies are believable. I have used Ewebguru.com for my business since day one, excellent customer service and an outstanding uptime on servers. But technical support is not good, so I am switching to LiveMNC.com. Now I am happy with livemnc.com

  2. Mani Karthik

    Good to know Mohan. Will check it out.

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    You can add Trijit Web Services also which is slowly developing and offering best services too. we have hosted our website with their Managed VPS and till now we haven’t got any issue from them.

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