10 Best Website Monitoring Tools (Free & Paid)

These days, website monitoring is a must for businesses gone online! Agree that it’s not easy on the pocket but given the value they offer, it is very important that serious businesses who care about their customers has to get a website monitoring tool ready for their website. Good news is that there are several website monitoring tools available today, in all sizes and shapes. It’s just a matter of finding out which one works for your business. Let’s take a look.

10 Best website monitoring tools

Starting with the most popular website monitoring tools…

1. New Relic


This is a complete app in itself that offers 24×7 real user monitoring services for over 30,000 users. It works for a number of websites and apps including the ones written in PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, and Node.js. This is an advanced app that offers performance data once you are signed up to the main secure data center where reports are generated for insights and actions. The prices start at $24/month!

2. Dotcom-Monitor


Another powerful cloud based app that works on a number of platforms and provides information if your website has any issues. The app also offers detailed diagnostics, which ensures you can take action on time and avoid additional problems. The process of monitoring starts from end user’s perspective, and that makes them a real trustworthy one. The prices start for as low as $9.99/month!

3. SpectorSoft


This is a Computer and Internet Monitoring Software that is a little more expensive than others. They offer a number of services such as website and app monitoring, Resource Monitoring, Event Log Management, Disk Monitoring and reporting. All actions and alerts are also reported, and the prices start at $75/month. What makes this app work is the option to monitor tablets and phones.

4. AlertBot Website and Server Monitoring


It is reckoned among the best website and server monitoring services. The performance data is gathered and alerts are provided, so that failures can be avoided. There are a number of features included such as performance tracking, alert escalation levels, remote test kit, error diagnostics and screenshots, interactive reports, and full control panel. Prices start for as low as $17.95/month.

5. LinkTiger


This app is mainly for monitoring broken links in a website & has a number of features. Once you start using it, the app will undertake daily checks of sites and crawls entire website to find broken links. The dashboard is easy to use and reports are customized, detailed, and can be sent to many team members at a time. It is offered in number of plans with a 15-day trial period.

6. Load Impact


Testing your website for demand and load is important, and this one allows you to do just that. You get powerful server clusters with fast a connection that allows you to test the performance of your website when traffic is huge, and thereby, you can diagnose the problems without much difficulty. This is a free service with paid options starting at $9.

7. AlertFox Real Browser Website Monitoring


If you really want to know the issues in the application code, there is no way that you can rely on old monitoring systems. This powerful app can scan all kinds of websites for problems including those that feature AJAX, Flash, and Flex. It uses iMacros, ensuring administrators and developers have a track of what’s working in the website and what’s not.

8. Nimsoft Cloud Monitor


This one has been a leader in website and performance monitoring. There are checkpoints established in 32 countries, including 52 worldwide remote stations for monitoring websites. The simple reason why you might think of investing in this software is to avoid downtime and to identify problems in advance. There is a free trial available.

9. Pingdom


This is an app/tool that allows you to monitor the website around the clock and for free. Their checks are based on their high end Cloud based infrastructure, and every time your website is down, you get free alerts.

10. Site 24×7


Another free service that allows you to monitor 5 of your websites for free. The services are more or less similar to that of Pingdom with a catchy user interface.

So, which website monitoring tool is your choice?

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