Video Calling for WhatsApp Now Available!

WhatsApp has become part and parcel of our lives. We wake to the message tones in WhatsApp. What if you wake hearing a video call tone in WhatsApp? Yes, WhatsApp has issued an update to it’s beta version which enables video calling to the app. This can be accessed only if the current users have the beta version of WhatsApp. With the addition of GIF support and audio calling, the latest addition to video calling will be a huge help to many. Now, we don’t need to have another app like Skype or Google Duo for video calling. It can all happen on WhatsApp.

How does video calling work on WhatsApp?

  • The beta version of whatsapp is required to enable this feature.
  • When you hit the call button, two options pop up – audio call and video call.
  • The video calling is simple with three options – switch the camera, send a text message and mute the call.
  • You might as well leave a voice message if the call is unanswered.
  • Both the callers need to be using the latest beta version of WhatsApp to use the video calling feature.

How to get video calling on WhatsApp?

screenshot_2015-05-20-13-36-35You can activate this feature by going to Google Play store (currently only available for Android) and upgrading into WhatsApp beta program (Beta version 2.16.318). You can also get it from APK Mirror here. Just download the APK and install/update it.

Lot more new features are awaiting the WhatsApp loyal users this year. One among them is the ability to send full resolution images in addition to the two-factor authentication for WhatsApp to improve the security. Snapchat is another social chatting app where people can post videos and images. Hence, WhatsApp is trying to mimic Snapchat interface by redesigning the home screen. You will have to slide to the right till you see the camera symbol where you can share your videos and images with friends and families.

Can you video call your friends on WhatsApp?

Keep in mind that the person you are trying to call also needs to have the same beta version enabled to receive the video call. If you are trying to video call your friends via WhatsApp, forward this article to them so that they too can activate video calling on their WhatsApp app.

Wow! I am very excited and I am sure many of the WhatsApp users will also be.

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