10 Best Windows Apps For Food Lovers

Windows 8 has made a lot of buzz before and after its arrival, but we still wonder if Microsoft can make it as popular as the android platform. If you are one of those having a Windows 8 phone and want to find some decent apps, there are many. In the next few lines, you will find apps that can help you choose the place to dine.

10 Best Windows Apps for Foodies

1. Menu Mania

menu mania
This is a Windows Phone 7 app that has been revamped and is available for Windows 8. The app is mainly used by people in New Zealand, where they can use a simple search option to find the best restaurants, bars, and cafes. There are user reviews for some of the best restaurants and dining places, so you can choose. Also, there is a feature that allows finding the places closest to you.

2. Zomato

Another Windows 8 app that is designed to help you find the best places to dine out in India. You can find user reviews, check the menu and the prices, everything in these app. Current users say that the details, addresses, menu, and other facts are regularly updated. This app is available for use in most cities in India.

3. Pizza Hut

pizza hut app
This app is mainly for US residents. You can check the hottest pizzas and offers and can place an order from your Windows 8 phone. If you don’t have an account with them, don’t worry as they accept orders in guest mode. Check everything you want to have and have a bite of cheese-filled pizza or pasta.

4. Pizza Locator

Another fun app that allows finding the best places to have a pizza and you can even invite your friends over. You can get a list of the local pizza shops around you and can enjoy a sumptuous outing anytime you want. For pizza lovers, this is a must-have app for Windows 8.

5. Thailand Delivery

If you are a resident of Thailand or are going there for the first time, you can make the most of this app to find places for dining. This app also connects you to the menu available, which means if something is there on a special menu list, you will never miss the same. Well designed and a simple app.

6. Proximity – Burgers

Love burgers? You can now make multiple searches on this app for Windows 8 to find the nearest place of burger points. This app uses your location to find the nearest location, but you can change the location to find an option close to any area you want. It also tells you the route to find the location or joint.

7. Bar Locator

Another free app for windows 8 that tells you where to spend your evening with a group of friends & enjoy a few drinks. This app is smart, and above all, this is free. Don’t waste your time trying to remember a place to enjoy drinks, music, and more as this app will do everything for you. Cool, right?

8. Find a McDonald’s (USA)

If you are one of those who cannot do a day without trying McDonald’s, this is the app right for you, provided you are in the USA. Unless you look to search by zip code, this app will not use the data connection. Next time, you want to grab a burger and don’t know the nearest McDonald’s, you know that your Windows 8 phone has it all.

9. Fast Food Delivery Directory

If you are planning your next vacation in Malaysia and want to find the best fast food options, this is the app that you would need in Windows 8. With some of the best delivery fast food chains mentioned, you don’t need to think much about what you want to have and where.

10. World_Recipes

For those who love cooking, this app is for them. Turn your everyday menu into something special by trying recipes from more than 10 countries, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style. If you don’t like eating out often, this is a must-have app for your windows 8 phone.

Enjoy eating out!

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