Blogging from passion v/s Blogging for money and those who fall in between

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2008)

I’m fascinated by the number of blogging enthusiasts available today in Kerala (Saw it here and numerous blogrolls)! From what I’ve seen so far, the quality of blogs from keralites (both in and outside kerala) are outstanding.

As a matter of fact, out of all the blogs, almost all of them are “Natural bloggers” – They have a passion on one of their chosen subjects, and they are spontaneous. While blogging is seen as a reliable source of income, in countries like U.S, and even in other states of India, it’s yet to catch up in Kerala, and I think it’s completely natural.

From my perspective, I think that’s fantastic. Because, I believe that commercial blogs (even some of my blogs) which are aimed at making money online, fail in delivering quality and readable content. (Of course, they make money and I earn a living on it.) While I’d summarize the differences as similar to that between a commercial movie and parallel cinema, the differences are obvious.

Just to list out, these are a few points that interested me.

Characteristics of commercial blogs

  1. They write for the masses (keeping in mind the traffic).
  2. They deliver more content, more frequently.
  3. They don’t have a “sticky” nature.
  4. They don’t deliver quality, but write because they have to.
  5. They align more towards a “one night stand” school of thought and not a lifetime relationship.
  6. They’re in plenty.
  7. They fail in creating an impression.
  8. They have smaller posts/content.
  9. They get less feedback.
  10. They make money.

Characteristics of passion blogs

  1. They write for the class, for the avid reader.
  2. They deliver less frequent content but whenever they make one, they leave an impression.
  3. They are very “sticky”.
  4. They are focused on quality.
  5. They prefer long term relationship with the reader.
  6. They’re lesser in number.
  7. They leave an impression to the reader.
  8. They have longer posts, better content.
  9. They get regular feedback, often constructive.
  10. They may not make money.

So, the differences are clear. If you are a blogger, you most definitely should fall into either one of these categories. Or else, you have two options. Be a worn out blogger, being no where..Or two – be a successful blogger, amalgamating the two sides well. A tough one but.


  • Blogging + adsense = money .. is not a great idea.. then why I use adsense ? I can cover my hosting expense … with it I guess.. 🙂 a $100 year will do

  • Nice classification! I’d like to see myself in the second category, though! 😉 but it’s for the reader(s) to decide! 😛

    I also use adsense but I’ve no tangible hope of making money anytime soon… 😀 Maybe I’ll start writing paid reviews in another blog and add adsense to it. Know lot of people who make above $100 a month through reviews. What’s your take on it?

    And btw, Adsense was your first source of revenue, right? 😀

  • Hari,

    Paid reviews, a afraid will be the easiest way out of Google index. Strike one.

    AdSense is only “one among many” sources of income, it’s like a bonus to me, I don’t do anything to push it, but it delivers some donuts free, so I’ll take them. That’s about it. Psst…unless you have a techno tips and tricks or US realestate/Law blog, you are very unlikely to make anything out of it. I’m talking about tens and thousands not the $100 an year like Dinu was talking about.

    But, yea i see where you’re coming from.