Both Shashi Tharoor and IPL hires the same Social Media agency – Does that ring a bell ?

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)

Today, some of my friends tweeted their pledge to Mr. Tharoor via a new website that was launched.

You didn’t see it yet ? You should. Its nicely done and more importantly came at the right time, when there’s a spit-spat going on between the IPL head Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor, the honorable minister.

On the site you can give in your name/comment etc and it will count the number of pledges along the way. Nice way to get some support online, especially when Mr. Tharoor has proven track record of exemplary success with social media on Twitter. This could be the next step.

Me being a little too curious and a stupid geek, went a bit further, as my “inner voice” asked me “Why would anyone put up a support website like this ? And who ?”

I tweeted about it and got some very interesting responses.

One tweet said that this website was first tweeted by one gentleman called Shiraz Gidwani, who’s also based out of Dubai. I scanned his profile and he clearly was one of the first people to pledge his support but I couldn’t find any trace that told me that he built this website. He probably came to know about it first and decided to support.

And then another friend send me the domain details which was interesting –

It said that the site was registered with which was the digital PR team for Mr. Shashi Tharoor –

A employee was also one the first tweeters about the website (along with Shiraz) which makes me think that its most probably that’s behind the Support Tharoor campaign, unless some one wanted to fake here.

And now, the interesting part. Checking at the archives I found that they are the guys dealing with the IPL social media stuff ? Whatttt ? IPL ?

Proof –

That sounds a bit “Aahhhaaa” to me. Both IPL (Not Mr.Modi but IPL) and Shashi Tharoor both with the same PR agency !

I understand the professional ethics but, having known that both of them were “abusing” each other recently (sorry if thats the wrong word), could the same guy do the PR for both ? (Again, please understand that IPL is not equal to Modi here).

Anyways, this has been an interesting observation for me. And now, knowing that its Tharoor itself (unconfirmed if Mr. Tharoor knows about the support campaign though) running the support campaign, I want to take a break here. I lost my respect guys, this is stupid ! IPL #Fail, Tharoor – I don’t know, may be #Fail !

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