Buying a wifi router for home use in chennai

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2008)

This time around I wanted a wifi router for home. When I bought the mac, I ended up with a Toshiba satellite laptop, a Dell laptop extra. Thought it would be a nice idea to hand over the Toshiba laptop to my wife so that we can have a interconnected home internet connection.

How nice would it be for everyone to use an internet connection, take their lappys to every room and shout things over the GTalk window?

I headed to Richie street, chennai. Richie street is actually a grey market where you get all sorts of electronic items for cheaper price and also with guarantee if you wish. There are lot of shops over there that sell things ranging from audio head jacks, to plasma tv, to Xbox 360s to ipods. My first visit to this place was to get my laptops charger replaced, I still remember it, when the Toshiba official guys quoted me a cool 4000 Rupees for a charger replacement while the Richie street guys did the same for around 400 Rupees. Though I believe in quality and original parts, I have to believe that these authoritative guys rip you off if you approach them with silly or small things. They might do a software reinstallation with panache while they don’t look so good charging 4000 Rupees for a charger replacement.

Anyway this time around, I managed to get a smooth deal at Richie street. There were two wifi routers available. One from Linksys and another from D-Link. The Linksys one looked funky with lot of lights and a “futuristic” looking design. While he D-Link wifi router was looking more like a black box or a school board duster.

My inclination was to go for the Link Sys one as it looked like more advanced to me. But to my surprise, I found that the shopkeeper actually recommended me the D-Link one! On asking why, he replied that DLink is more stable and worth the money, there have been complaints on Link sys, but not with D-Link.

And guess what, D-Link was costlier than Link Sys. My bro in law was around who’s a network engineer and he immediately said to go for D-Link. I made no mistake. A D-Link wifi router for Rupees 2050 in my bag !

Coming back home, setting up the D-Link wifi router was a cakewalk, and setting on my mac, even more easy. Now, we have three laptops all connected to the wifi and all online 24 hours, everywhere, ain’ t that cool?

The D-Link wifi router details are here.
And the Linksys router details.


  • We have a ‘bheemapalli’ here. I got my mobile from there. Imported from Hungary without import tax and shit. 😀

    Having a wifi connection is cool…but what about the raditons? I am jealous. hehehe

  • Thanks for sharing the info about the wifi-ing process of your home. I am not good at hardware, and so thought will disturb you with this query: Is beetel 450 a good wifi modem to purchase? Need one for home at Chennai. Saw your blog post yesterday, and; thought will ask you. Thanks in advance.

    I had twittered the same: Please excuse if you thought I was intruding.