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Pak media says that the Mumbai attacks were carried out by Indian elements


This piece of news came to me as a shock, when I saw the Pakistan media blaming the Mumbai attacks on Indian “terrorist” elements. Here are the proofs they claim. Mr. Hemant Karkare had worked hard on the Malegaon blasts case and already found that some elements supported by Mr.Modi and BJP was behind it. And Mr. Karkare was about to get close to them. It is for this reason, that the Mumbai...

What can we learn as citizens from the Mumbai attacks


The sad side of the Mumbai Attacks and the questions raised. After almost 36 hours now (while this is being written), over 101 people have been dead and more than 300 injured, 3 top Police officials dead, and a lot more havoc. Now what does all this teach us? India have been a country who has thrived many terrorist attacks earlier and this attack is different in the sense that Terrorists have...

Construction workers or gymnasts?


This is a view from my apartment to the next building where construction work is going on. This picture that you see is a view of the 13th floor. Sorry for the vague image but this is the closest I could get. It shows construction workers, without any safety equipment whatsoever, working at odd heights risking their life. They are on the edges, with no safety gear, no protection whatsoever. Most...

Kerala Citizen Bloggers is live – Pls join if you think similar


As mentioned at BlogcampKerala, as an initiative to popularize “citizen blogging” and to provide a platform for passionate bloggers with social responsibility, the KCB project (Kerala Citizen Bloggers) is now live at To me along with the five authors who’ve already joined hands at KCB, this is exciting. Dinu, Kenney, Anand and Juwal have pledged...

Mobile phones ban in Kerala colleges and sleazy MMS culture


Today there was a program on one of the Malayalam channels, where the host dressed as an advocate, was fighting his way up against the “MMS-mobile phone-cyber culture mafia” in Kerala. It was indeed a thought provocating program especially in the light of Kerala Government banning (or trying to) mobile phone in College campuses. The program was heavily skewed and ended up with a...

Citizen Blogging : Some disturbing pictures from Chennai Suburban local trains


Last day, on my quests to explore Chennai city, I took one of the local trains so that I could feel what it is like traveling by a local train. This concept of local train was pretty new to me since I haven’t seen anything like that in Cochin or Trivandrum. Moreover, I’ve seen it in some tamil movies as well. So with all guts and glory I took a train from Villivakkam to Chennai...

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