Getting a driver’s license in Dubai is no easy game !


But its really over hyped and if someone like me can get it within 1 month and on the first try, so can you. 🙂 When I moved to Dubai, the one thing I was worried about more than anything else was getting a drivers license. I mean, that’s one thing people always warned me, it was a nightmare as many told. To cement off the rumors there were examples of people who tool upto 15-20 tries before they...

13 Amazing Facts about Burj Dubai – The World’s tallest building


Burj Dubai – Is the tallest man made structure on earth as of today, January 4th 2010, when it is being inaugurated. Dubai was recently in news for its economic crisis, but even amidst all the chaos the Arabs have made it happen. Opening the Burj Dubai (Meaning the tower of Dubai) to the world. And when Dubai does something, it does it overwhelmingly well, and this one is no different. Read about...