How to fake being a celebrity on Twitter (For local celebrities whom Twitter won’t even accept for Verified accounts)

@ev is a very cunning and equally clever guy. Otherwise, he would not have taken extra efforts in “pulling” or making way for real life celebrities on Twitter. Now, don’t tell me you didn’t know that. You can get a verified account on Twitter easily. Believe me you can. You don’t have to tweet much, don’t have to have friends, [...]


Good bye IPL

It was a mistake they were forced to make. If I were in Mr. Modi’s shoes, I’d be heart broken, to see an IPL opening match played to half empty stands. The problem is that IPL have had its USPs ripped off. No bollywood, no magic, no songs, no locals, no girls, no fun, no entertainment. Its no more an IPL. So long IPL.. Here’s my Tweet to [...]


2019 in Review!