Air India–Fly at your own risk !

Air India’s slogan says “Simply priceless”. True that – “Simply price-less !” Remember the 2010 Flight 812 Mangalore crash? About 158 people lost their lives. Kerala court ordered Air India to pay each victim close to INR 7.5 Lakhs as compensation, apart from the other compensations declared by government. Its 2 years past now. [...]


Celebrating Vishu at Cochin

This time around, its going to be a damp Vishu, or so does it seem from the marathon rain. (Implied as continuing showers). Vishu is like the “New Year” at this part of the world, according to the Hindu religion. It basically means a lot of exciting stuff to me. Crackers, Vishukani and “Kaineettam”, the two main things that top the [...]


2019 in Review!