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Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.


Who is responsible for school shootings? We are. Involuntarily


Can’t imagine how someone even at their insane best can think of opening fire at elementary kids. But its real, like many other things we thought were "shocking" and would never happen. The society we live in has evolved into a phase where what was once considered “evil” is not, anymore. Evil for one is pleasure for another, loss for one is sacrifice for another. This is real...

Air India–Fly at your own risk !


Air India’s slogan says “Simply priceless”. True that – “Simply price-less !” Remember the 2010 Flight 812 Mangalore crash? About 158 people lost their lives. Kerala court ordered Air India to pay each victim close to INR 7.5 Lakhs as compensation, apart from the other compensations declared by government. Its 2 years past now. Looks like Air India did not pay all victims. Some folks...

Back from BarCamp Kerala and a quick vacation


Well, I was away for a while, for one week to be honest. Last week, on the third of May, I was at the BarCamp Kerala, which was at the TechnoPark premises, and soon after went on a one week long quick vacation at my wife’s native. Kerala BarCamp was fun. Met a bunch of enthusiastic, really interesting guys there. It was nice to see the spirits up and lots of activity among the crowd. Here are...

Celebrating Vishu at Cochin


This time around, its going to be a damp Vishu, or so does it seem from the marathon rain. (Implied as continuing showers). Vishu is like the “New Year” at this part of the world, according to the Hindu religion. It basically means a lot of exciting stuff to me. Crackers, Vishukani and “Kaineettam”, the two main things that top the charts. We crack a lot of crackers through the night and...

Mangalore ‘Pub Amnesia’ Incident shows how f***ed up our society is


Those video clips on TV where the girls are being beaten in public, reminds me of nothing less than the barbaric Hitler days. The only reason why this has occurred is because the people (alleged as prostitutes and immoral activists) are from the “public” and they don’t have any one backing them up. Had there been any VIP there, this wouldn’t have happened. How pathetic – Is it not ? I do have a...

IIT Kharagpur is hosting Startup Camp this Jan


As part of its Entrepreneurship Summit 09, IIT Kharagpur is organizing  Startup Camp on Sunday January 11, 2009. The sessions will cover * Compensations available in start-ups * Sustenance of start-ups * Funding: The advantages of getting an angel fund or venture capitalists on board * What to look for in a start-up before joining them as interns or employees? * Avenues that open up for...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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