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The Whopper Virgins test by Burger King


Here’s an interesting “experiment” from Burger King. Well; it’s sort of an online marketing social media campaign from Burger King, so no surprise if this is something weird. Okay, what BK does is go out to remote places on the planet, pick up people who have no clue what burgers are, who have never heard of that word even and give them the Mac D burger and the Burger King Whopper to taste/eat...

Slumdog Millionaire – Sounds great !


This one’s clearly a winner ! The movie now going in for Oscar nominations and all the hype it’s gathered up along with it, you know. There are a few things that will easily help you identify “quality” movies. And I can’t think of any good reason to think this one’s otherwise. A great director, a story with soul, great piece of music, and a big heart. All the reviews so far heard on Slumdog...

What did the Kerala CM really mean ? I couldn’t comprehend


I have no idea what Mr. Achutanandan meant when he said – “If it was not for Sandeeps house, not even a dog would have visited them.” I seriously missed it. No clue, no lights what so ever. For a moment I thought this is a dialogue from some old malayalam movie. Typical. But from a CM of a state which boasts of literacy and all that..that was completely immoral, insensible and pathetic ! But...

Pics and live updates on Mumbai Terrorist attack by bloggers and Twitters


It’s been more than 15 hours now since the whole hostage drama unfolded, and the blogging and twitter community have been catching up with it with a better pace than the Television media in India. Some of the prominent updates were from Vinu, who has clicked more than  a 100 pics from the terror attacked areas of Mumbai, right through the night. Watch the entire set of pics here Vinus Blog Kamla...

Obama cannot use his Blackberry because of security issues


After the election, it turns out that Barack Obama has to leave behind a lot of his old habits. One being his addiction to the Blackberry, which has been a constant companion through out his career and proved powerful during the election times, when it was attached to his belt. Now, the President of America, he being the latest one, has to go by the rules and code of conduct which will not allow...

Make A Difference – A good effort worth supporting


Thanks to Kenney for introducing me to this foundation. I want to introduce you to the most wonderful NGO in the world, which was working right under our noses and still we failed to see how they were Making a Difference Make A Difference (M.A.D) is a youth volunteer network that currently functions in the three cities of Cochin, Pune and Chennai… 312 volunteers teach more than 1200...

Who killed Soumya Viswanathan ?


I don’t think anything made sense of the word “Tragedy” than for this incident. TV journalist Soumya Viswanathan shot dead in her car at the wee hours of 3am in the morning at the Nelson Mandela road of Delhi. Everyone I spoke to regarding this, responded with anger, frustration and disbelief. And more interestingly, soon after the incident, was unfolded a series of events, that...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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