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7+ Best Websites to Buy Bitcoins in India


Bitcoins are all the rage isn’t it? In India, although a bit late, Bitcoin is making an impact with lead stories on popular TV channels and newspapers. With the hue price hike happening, it’s no more something that can be ignored and there’s a growing interest from people in India for investing in Bitcoins. But at the same time, there are several questions being asked about...

An Enterpreneur’s Guide To Starting Your Own Business in India


India has opened its doors not only foreign investment but also eased the process of starting a business for local entrepreneurs. In fact, according to the World Bank’s report, Doing Business 2016, India ranks #130 out of the 189 economies ranked by the organization. The country has moved up four places since 2015, which spells good news for anyone looking to start a business here. What the...

Mesmerising India


Found this really nice video of India (featuring one of my favorite musicians DJ Karunesh). It’s a non commercial ambiant video shot in North India, December 2011/ January 2012
Hope you like it.

Top Bloggers in India


Technology Blogs Fashion Blogs Food Blogs Travel Blogs Finance Blogs Let me take you a few years back to 2005. While chilling at a restaurant, I bumped into an old family friend of mine. We were so happy to meet after a long time. Initial chit-chat and over-enthusiastic “hello-oh-wow-oh-my-god-really?” reactions got over and she asked… “Hey…So, what do you do these...

Amazing Statistics About India’s Internet Usage


Digital India is booming. Tech Bubble? I do not know. There seems to be more valuations and venture funding than ever. One can run a debate on whether that is a good signal or not. We might be witnessing a tech bubble, but Internet penetration in India is sure taking off – tech scene catches up with it or not. Here are some interesting statistics on India’s love with the Internet and...

How India Discovered Vasco da Gama


In this amazing talk, Sanjay Subramanyam talks about the historic figure Vasco Da Gama and his “not so popular” perspectives and traits as mentioned in texts of that era by others. This talk will reveal how Vasco da Gama appears to be certain times, a cheat, manipulator and exaggerator as accounted by the local Muslims, Catholics and others (including an anonymous text from the...

Did Ancient Indians Actually Fly Aircrafts?


So, we’ve all heard the news – someone at a science conference in India is reported to have mentioned about aircrafts being flown in ancient India, and that too interplanetary. And there has been sharp criticism from different sectors all around including scientists from within the forum, atheists, politicians and everyone in between. So, what’s the big deal with all this? I am...

An Open Letter To Shenaz Treasuryvala


So, I read Shenaz Treasurywallah’s Open Letter. Some great points and arguments in it. Here’s my two cents. Shenaz, Your letter is nothing but gender biasing bullshit. Why are you assuming that it’s a battle of men and women, when it comes to abuse? You keep saying “Them”. Who are “they”? Totally wrong stand, if you were to put reason into this equation...

Here’s The Reason Why India’s Future Is All Bright & Shining!


During 1975, when Sholay was still playing, the first digital camera was released and it cost $10,000+. Fast forward to PK, a million times better digital camera is available for less than a $1000! This is the kind of exponential growth we’re going through as a civilization. And India is on the centre stage of innovation. Not everything we hear about India’s innovation is true though...

Does Art Lead to Crime Against Women: Reply to @priyankachopra


Just read this bit of news today in HT, where Priyanka Chopra made an interesting comment. (I don’t know the full context of this conversation..but anyways..) “If art leads to crimes against women, historic sites like Ajanta-Ellora and literature like Vatsayana’s Kamasutra must be banned, said actor Priyanka Chopra who believes cinema is an “art” too and it should...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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