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My dirty little secret to keep away from spam emails


Has it ever happened to you that you signed up for some app or web service, only to get spam emails from unsolicited sources, soon after? I try all kinds of new apps that get launched and face this issue all the time. Last day, I tried to check my CIBIL score on a third party aggregator site. I should’ve guessed but soon after trying the app, I started getting spam emails from other...

Here’s why your Facebook feed sucks


Seeing updates from people you don’t even know? You’re not alone. Facebook had several algorithm updates (stuff by which it figures out what you like and don’t) over the last couple of months and apparently, things have become worse than getting better, at least for most of us. But it’s not entirely Facebook’s fault, you can fix it yourself with these little smart...

Why I left Google – Ex-Googler speaks out


To many of us, it is a dream job. Something you aspire for. After all, who doesn’t want to work with the biggest company (everybody knows) today? All those perks, benefits, free time, free food and work culture (that is apparently a case study at other companies) and the proud status of being a “Googler” is what many of us look to as “the” thing to achieve in life. Well, the silly valley culture...

Discover Fun New Things To Do, The Social Way with Yayplanner


You know that feeling when you’ve seen it all and everything goes in loops? With an overload of social media content, the chances of hitting a burn out situation is very likely these days. I for once, know that I need to take a break sometimes from all that clutter and take a walk on the beach. I know that’s what I need, but never do it. Call it lack of motivation or setting priorities right, it...

Meet Ghost – The new blogging platform that is probably better than WordPress


Don’t take my word for it. But it sure looks promising! There have been many blogging projects, that emerged over the years, that could have been potential competition (for the lack of any other word I could think of) for WordPress. Like Habari, Medium, Branch etc. But WordPress, with its community support and versatility, have stood the test of time, emerging as the most popular blogging...

Making Google Ads really relevant


No doubt, over the years, Google Ads have become more clever, sophisticated and relevant. Or, that was the intention. “Interest based advertising” sounded something good. When it was first introduced in 2009, it promised that ads were going to get more personal. That is, Google would serve me ads based on my interests, my browsing history, my interaction with previous ads, my age etc. Sounded...

Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress Released


As we all know, Google+ has a pretty slick commenting system. Actually, it is one of the things on Google+ that I wished was available elsewhere (apart from the amazing UI and numerous features). Recently, Google+ had announced its commenting system for Blogger as an inbuilt plugin. But this was only made available to the Google blogger platform, which again is only a small part (I’m biased here)...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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