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Here’s how you can get Google Glasses, before others!


So, Google is looking for people to try its next big thing – Google Glass project, and you can get it before others. You’ll have to preorder the glasses for $1500 and pick it up from any of the Google offices in SF, NY or LA. But, not everyone is getting it, a selected few will be handpicked with a competition. What you got to do is tweet or Google+ about what you would do if you had Google...

Kred v/s Klout


So, Kred and Klout. If you have been living under a mouse, you wouldn’t know what they were. Kred and Klout are two major apps in the “social media influence grading” field. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook and other such social media networks (which we all are), let them know and allow them to calculate your influence score. Based on which categories you do well and are influential about, there...

The entire universe on a single scale


Would it be possible to put the entire universe right from the microbes to the galaxies on a single scalable frame? Apparently yes.
Someone has put the whole damn thing into a single, zoomable scale that you can go from a Planck length to the galaxies in one single zoom. Amazing!
Check it out here.

Eagle snatching kid video is 3D Animation – Made by two students!


Animation is probably the wrong word, but that’s what mainstream media loves to call such things. This is clear wizardry! In a blog post by Center NAD, a 3D Animation training academy based out of Montreal, Canada, revealed that the video, which has already gone viral is fake and a work done by two students Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, in the production simulation...

Should social networks limit friends?


May be they should. Because, there’s only so much relevant friendships one can make, right? One cannot remember all your acquaintances, let alone friends. Even within friends, there’s only so much intimacy you can share. There’s been lot of studies done in this respect however. A study of 10,000 US students over a period of 35 years suggests the wealthiest people are those that had the most...

So, I took a stab at Twitter Promoted Tweets: Here’s the result!


So, last month, Twitter sent out this email to many asking them to try promoted tweets. I gave it a try. A credit of $100 was thrown in, so I used it. Now, personally I think promoted Tweets works best for known brands or brands that have something unique to say. I thought I should promote my personal account and see if it can get any traction. Did I have anything unique to promote? Hmm.. I think...

How to watch Netflix or Hulu outside the US on TVs & Gaming Devices


So, if you’re outside the USA and want to watch Netflix or Hulu (or any other geographically closed) service,  then it would be impossible for you to access – until now. Netflix is probably the biggie. I mean I love it, so much that I watch 2-3 movies daily. But the problem is when I move out of the US, while traveling – things get frustrated as I cannot access it outside the country – say from...

Preparing for a world without Facebook.


So, I got into an argument the other day with a friend. “You’re so much into this thing man, take a break” he said. In his perspective I was this corrupted individual who spent way too much unproductive time on Facebook. And it made no sense. Why? He’d ask. I pondered way too much to get him a convincing answer but failed. Drew a blank. Fell flat. Right on the face. “Know what? May be he is right...

Did you get the new LinkedIn profile?


LinkedIn is rolling out a new profile design (and a sleek one.) on invite only. Get it before others does. Because, that’s what is cool.
Here’s where you can get an invite.
Here’s how the new profile might look like.

Don’t we love grabbing up anything – invite only?

What bloggers & brands should learn from the recent Samsung Scandal


The news about two tech bloggers from India being “stranded” at the IFA, because they denied the sponsoring companies “offer” to promote their products is all over tech blogs last couple of days. The sponsoring company is Samsung and the Tech bloggers are correspondents of Unleashthephones.com. The story has caught attention all over, that it is now reported on CNet, The Guardian, The Next Web...

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