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10 Must Have Apps For Hardcore Movie Buffs


Are you a Jedi who knows a lot about movies and uses IMDB and Scene It as your light sabers? Or are you Batman who uses movie trivia as batrang? Or perhaps Joker who makes CD and DVDs disappear using magic tricks? If you are a movie lover, watching movies and knowing about them is an important part of your life. In this list, I will be telling you about 10 apps which can make watching, analyzing...

The Life of Pi – Watch it Or Regret.


The previews and trailers you see on the web might be misleading. This is not a fantasy movie, though the book is, but a real story that will awe you, make you laugh and cry in split seconds. Irfan Khan has done an exemplary job (like he’s been doing without missing a shot right from the Chandrakanta times) along with Suraj Sharma, Tabu and others. I love the fact that there is lot of India in it...

10 Things that baffled me in Bollywood movies


I love bollywood movies. The music, the art, the beautiful women, the dance..everything. There is nothing like a bollywood movie in this world. No, seriously. Think about it. When it comes to entertainment, 90 mins is not enough for a bollywood movie. In my personal opinion, bollywood is a genre in itself, beyond compare, beyond match, beyond all known experiences! Speaking of experiences, there...

RaOne Movie Review: Extravagant waste of resources


One day, aliens will land on Earth to give us the answers to the secrets of the universe. But, because of films like Ra.One, they will deem us unworthy and return to their planet. And we will still live in a world where uninspired cinema burns wallets. Ra.One is the marriage of Bollywood’s least attractive couple—star power and unoriginality. This is a shameless rip-off of every single iconic...

Mohan Lal, Anupam Kher Starrer Pranayam is an improvisation


Veteran director Blessy’s latest offering Pranayam starring Mohan Lal, Anupam Kher and Jayaprada is magical with its acting brilliance. Sadly, the movie itself is an improvisation of the classic movie “Innocence”. See trailer below. But one should ignore it. Mohan Lal and Anupam Kher has done brilliant acting in Pranayam – hats off! And Blessy has done a good job in improvising the story...

Chaappa Kurishu Review–An experiment gone bad


A skilled cameraman. A nice plot.  Innovative music. Uninteresting screenplay. Experimenting actors. Exceptional publicity. This is what chaappa kurish, the malayalam movie is. Chaappa got my attention through its amazing posters and visuals. Ajay and Papaya Media deserves kudos for this, because I haven’t seen any publicity in malayalam cinema to such perfection and quality. Both web...

This is It – Watching the movie


I didn’t have any expectation when I went to this one. I knew it wasn’t a movie either, rather a documentary sort of, where we’ll get to see some backstage moments of the legend. A huge MJ fan that I am, this was more like a chance to pay my tribute to the man. I had to go, and so I did. The film was like a reminder that said, that we lost a legend, leaving behind a big vaccum...

James Cameron’s new mega movie “Avatar” sneak peek at Satyam Chennai


This is exciting news. The super mega movie Avatar, is being released on December 18th worldwide and in Chennai, there’s a special sneak peak preview at Satyam Chennai, on 28th of August.
I’ll be there for sure, if you can join in. The seats are limited so you might want to rush.
Check out the facebook group. You can confirm your presence there. Meanwhile, check out the official trailer.

2012 Movie looks very promising


Just saw the 2012 trailer and got blown away. Its probably going to be a case study for special effects.
However seeing the trailer it looks like the director has something about mass destruction, just like in his previous movies. Looking forward to it.

Angels and Demons Review – It tries but fails to thrill you


Last weekend I watched Angels and Demons (at Sreedhar Cochin), not because it was penned by Dan Brown, not because it was the (technical) sequel to Da Vinci Code or not because it had run in to controversies, but because if I missed this, then my curiosity won’t let me be. So I gave it a go. But honestly the movie fails to thrill you like Da Vinci Code, it tries much but in vain. I haven’t read...