Seven Pounds is a must watch movie

The Muccino directed Seven Pounds is in my honest opinion a must watch and a must have in your collection. If you are the type that like realistic, close to life touching stories, then this is one of the best you are yet to see. Will Smith and Rosario Dawson does a great job playing Ben Thomas and Emily Posa, flawless job ! The movie is [...]


All the movies watched this month

It’s been an addiction and looks like I’ve been adding up more and more thrillers to my collection. Here’s all the flicks I saw lately. Strangers – Great thriller. My type. Watch when there are no distractions around. Hancock – You’ll begin to hate Will Smith after this one. You don’t mess with the Zohan – Fun all the way ! Wait for the [...]


Subramaniyapuram – Must watch

I’m not best at writing movie reviews but this one, I’d never want to miss out. Wonderful – is the word to describe it, true in all senses. An excellent and apt cast, very original yet enjoyable portrayal of life, an excellent story, brilliant performance by the lead actor Jay and some very enjoyable music is the main [...]


2019 in Review!