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Top 10 Inspired / Copied songs by A R Rahman


“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” – Albert Einstein Like millions out there, I’m a big fan of A R Rahman. He is an inspiration to me more than anything else. Inspirations are everywhere, there are only bad and good way of getting inspired. Some do blatant copies of other creative works, some use patterns from other works and some cleverly uses...

Indian Classical Music Raagas – Guide & Meaning


Indian Classical music is abundant with its emotional intricacies. It forms the basis of every song from Sheila Ki Jawani to Ek Chatur Naar. But sadly, today’s youth does not have the time and patience to study or even understand its richness (including me). But Indian Classical Music lies very close to nature and science, for the same reason its very important, to the extent that, it can cure...

SuperHeavy–Really very super heavy !


An all time rock star, the reggae legend’s next gen, the best of voices, and the biggest music wizard from Asia come together, forms a band. Sounds too good to be true but yes, SuperHeavy is just that. Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones..yesss THE Rollingstones….A R Rahman, Damian Marley (Bob Marley’s junior) and Joss Stone + Dave Stuart is the team. Nothing more to say, great...

Jay Sean cuts a new album – Wicked stuff !!!


Yep. If you’ve been listening him earlier, you gotta love this. I’ve been a fan since college with his “new kinda” sounds (“Stolen", "Eyes On You" and "Ride It”) , and have been waiting for his new album ever since, and here is it – “My Own Way”. He’s no extra ordinary, but I like the simplicity + techno sounds combo. Very addictive. The new albums hot numbers are “May be” and...

The new energy in Kerala youth-Vineeth Sreenivasan


May be the Internet, may be the Globalization, may be the Bangalore night life loving call center executives, or it may be the real estate money or….it may be the time itself, there is a fresh new wave of excitement in the malayalam youth as never before. The aged may prefer to compare it with the Abba/Boney M revolution, but there are a few guys today in Kerala who are definitely fresh in...

Why does AR Rahman repeats the first two words of his song?


Was listening to a few songs when I noticed a pattern in all A R Rahman songs. He repeats the first word twice in all his hit numbers. Not all of them but plenty. Not sure if this is a deliberate attempt from the maestro to create a “punch” – atactic many musicians go for these days. Well, here are the songs I found interesting. – Humma..Humma , Film: Bombay – Roja...