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5 Inspirational Lessons You Can Learn from SRKs Life


There is no denying that King Khan is the biggest and possibly richest superstar of Bollywood and has carved his way to success with his hard work, dedication and charming personality. In 2016, Shah Rukh Khan went on to become the highest paid actor of the Indian film industry and the 8th highest paid actor in the world. As of 2019, his net worth is estimated at around $600 million, says an...

This man travelled to 16 countries in the world


This is the story of a person who travelled to 16 countries in the world and he’s preparing for this 17th. But you’ll never guess what he does for a living or how he managed it. We’ve all heard BS advice from millionaires and people who made it to the top quick. This man is not one of them. He did it with his own will power and keeps it real. #Respect Next time you have an...

Google Glass Viral Video “Seeds” Director Reveals Amazing Story Behind The Video [Interview]


This weekend just literally changed my world! Today I’m getting 30 friend requests every 10 mins, my Twitter is blowing up, I have a Time article, a Mashable and Times of India article on me and I’m only 23 ! “Seeds“, the video from Google Glass team has already gone viral and crossed 1 Million+ hits within 3 days time (released on May 8th, 2014). I caught up with the...

DecideQuick, Make decisions the social way, the smart way.


I’ve been seeing several instances of this app – DecideQuick on my Facebook feed for quite some time now. Curious, I tried it out and voila – what an useful app! Apps are many. Some fancy, some fun, some useful. DecideQuick falls into the third category. In simple terms, DecideQuick lets you make decisions via the wisdom of the crowd, via social media. And it works! For example, ask it a...

An interview with Professional Blogger, Raju of


Tech blogs are many these days. But if I ask you to recall the ones that you really liked, we’d only have a few to count. is one such blog that stands out from the rest of the crowd on many levels. I spoke with its owner Raju, the other day. Raju is one of the most popular, influential and upcoming professional bloggers in India, today. He quit his cozy job at Infosys, in 2009, to turn...

How to overcome rejection : One step a day


Rejection is a popular fear (at least among many other things) among us all. We all go through rejections every day, and they’re sometimes minor sometimes major. For some folks, they don’t matter much, but for a few it is a big deal. So much that it could affect them negatively. Handling rejection needs skills, and we all have our own way of dealing with it. But what Jia Jiang does to handle...

12 Simple Ways to Cheer Up People Around You


Have you ever been around someone that is unpleasant?  Someone who does not smile or laugh?  It can be a real drag and often if these people in your life do not cheer up, they will drag you down with them.  There are ways that you can cheer up these people that do not take a lot of effort, time or money.  When you have cheerful people in your life, your life is just happier...

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year “The Protester” is real


This year’s Time Magazine, Person of the Year award was given to “The Protestor” made incredibly popular by the iconic cover page image. The image looked like an illustration but it turns out that the person is for real.
Check out the photos.

Sarah Mason is her name, her age 25 years, and was arrested during protests.
The photo was taken last November by Ted Soqui (Check the blog).