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Who is Anna Hazare (What every Indian should know)


The anti-corruption movement, spearheaded by Anna Hazare, and the passage of the Lokpal Bill have generated unprecedented interest amongst a wide spectrum of society about the ideas, politics and organisations of civil society in general, and Anna Hazare in particular. Hazare’s anti-corruption crusade merits attention not only for its importance in ensuring a corruption-free society, but also due...

I support Shashi Tharoor – He should be a “mentor” to Indian Hockey


Would he ? Many anti-tharoor folks believe that Tharoor shouldn’t have entered/shown support IPL in the first place. Modi and his “gujju folks” as they call them, were businessmen already, so what would you expect from them – do business of course ! But Shashi Tharoor had no reason to enter IPL – if not for the love of money and glamour involved. I disagree. Shashi...

Why do people advertise charity ?


I’m confused. Honestly, I am. Charity probably has different meaning to different people. But at the crux of it, isn’t it all about helping people ? Helping the under privileged ? At least, I’d like to believe so. And mind you, its not a favor you do, in my opinion charity ought to be something we all need to get familiar with. When you don’t get familiar with it, you begin to think that its a...

Shashi Tharoor – Ahead of the rest, not with the right pack though


Looks like it that Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s efforts, and the hopes of all the people who voted him especially the ‘one lakh’ who helped him win is going to get extrapolated from tomorrow as Dr. Tharoor is a “special” candidate in more than one way, and the fact that he’s not becoming a minister now. – He is the only candidate (and now MP) who Tweets. () – He is the only politician to have...

Notable quotes from Steve that you might find inspiring


Not all CEOs are inspiring. Don’t want to even think about naming them ‘cos if I do, I might just go on editing/updating the article frequently, so let me stick to the inspiring ones, you know the ones with the halo – like Steve, Steve Jobs that is. Steve despite his recent fumbles, stand out to be the best in the league of inspiring personalities, at least in my perspective. OK, let me try to...

L K Advani’s blog & social media efforts makes ripples across the internet in India


Mr. Obama clearly showed the world how to make use of the internet to a politicians benefit. And he did that with panache. He knew that the youth is out there lying “untapped”, and he simply went out and reached out to them through the channels. BJP, and it’s candidate for PM, Mr. L K Advani, is doing exactly that. Mr. Advani is known for his adaptability to new and fresh ideas and this one, he...

Full Text of President Obama’s Inaugural speech


Here is the full text of the inaugural speech by President Obama made yesterday(Jan 20th 2009) at National Mall, Washington DC. What an orator ! OBAMA: My fellow citizens: I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors. I thank President Bush for his service to our nation as well as the generosity and...

Where is Satyams Rama Linga Raju ?


Soon after the Satyam saga, there is another story that’s belittling  everyone. Satyam’s director, Ramalinga Raju is missing since yesterday. Mr. Rama Linga Raju had admitted the fraud, and was supposed to serve in office until replacement. But now that he’s found guilty, he could be put in jail for another 10 years. The Satyams 7000 crore fraud has shocked the nation and the international...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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