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How iPhone5 Unlocked works with T-Mobile


So, its been only a couple of weeks after the iPhone 5 launch and T Mobile was probably the only cellular service provider in US that did not have a tie up with Apple. But it has proactively been aggressive about wooing all the unlocked iPhone5 users. T-Mobile has introduced its latest range of nano sims specifically made for iPhone5 so you can grab one and use with your unlocked Verizon iPhone 5...

30% Of The World’s Mobile Users Live In India And China


Mobile user numbers keep crawling up by the millions every year. The latest study on Global Mobile Statistics from various Independent agencies reveal some startling numbers. Here are some highlights. 87% of the world’s population today is mobile equipped. At the end of 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions, estimates The International Telecommunication Union (2011). This is a huge...

Is Blackberry losing the game with the big boys?


Two things. One – What’s the f*cking game? Two – Who’re the big boys? Well, irrespective of who the big boys are and what the game is, Blackberry seems to be losing its charm and popularity. Don’t get mad at me, that’s what statistics say. A Google Trends chart shows that Blackberry is losing its popularity compared to Android, iPhone and others. The red line is Blackberry and it hasn’t been...

What the fuck is wrong with Twitter?


Doesn’t anybody even care? Well, I don’t know if its just me. I wouldn’t know. Since the last couple of days, Twitter has been painfully slow and sluggish, so much so that it doesn’t even load up in the browser. No, this isn’t a temporary problem FYI, its been repeating shamelessly every time I try to load up the blue bird. If you’re like those first batch guys, you know the 2007 types, you would...

Turn any surface into Touchscreen with OmniTouch


Microsoft has a revolutionizing technology up its sleeve. Its called Omni Touch, and what it does it turn any surface around you to a touch screen for your computer. I think this is based on the technology deviced by Pranav Mistry, that was unveiled at the TED Talks. If this technology comes into practice, it would revolutionize the computer interface world, no doubt. OmniTouch and PocketTouch...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

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