Awesome! Startup on a cruise ship – Where anyone can work & Live. Near Silicon Valley & No Visa issues!


Sounds too good to be true, but the idea, is real. Blueseed is creating the world’s most amazing startup community for entrepreneurs, on a cruise ship 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international waters. The location is unique that it allows startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to launch or grow their companies near Silicon Valley, without the need for a U.S...

Take Group pictures without handing over your phone to a stranger


All of us have come across that awkward situation where you handed over your phone to a stranger to take a group pic only to find out that it didn’t come out well. There’s an app that can help you fix this problem, easily. Groopic – This app makes it easy to take two pictures one with the photographer and one with not, and later stitching it together easily. I know, it sounds lame at first, but...

Find new restaurants near you with MyFab5


First off, this is not foursquare, or anything close (it is built off it, though). This thing is much more simpler and easy to use. myfab5 is the best way to recommend and discover fabulous restaurants in your city – that’s about it. Rank up to 5 of your favorite places in any food or drink related category and see what places your friends and community recommend most. It also provides bite-sized...