My iPhone X First Impressions


So, I got a new iPhone X. Didn’t think I would get one as I’ve been using a iPhone 7 Plus and I was super comfy with it, but it cracked into pieces, as it fell off. So I ordered a new iPhone X from Amazon and got it delivered two days back. So far, these are my first impressions. The goods – It’s flawless in design. Except for the thing on the top. But like everything...

Google India Office v/s Facebook India Office–Who’s cool?


Facebook launched their new “barrier-free” office in Hyderabad the other day. One employee calls it a “non-office office”, as he scribbled on the wall (no, there is a real scribble wall). But how cool is this office compared to the Google offices? (I could only think of Google as a close comparison btw, no ideas.) One person commented about the Facebook office as the place software engineers will...

How to buy an iPhone5 from USA to India?


So, a friend called up from India the other day and he wanted to get an iPhone5 from the states. A friend of his was traveling down from USA back to India, so he was hoping to get him carry it back. (A very popular way embraced by Desi folks to buy stuff from abroad to home. Less hassles and more smiles! 😉 ) Interesting situation, right? Well, you can indeed buy an iPhone5 from USA to India, with...

How to get rid of plastic bags creatively


Plastic bags are one of those unfortunate things out there. They’re very much used daily, in various parts of the world, but hated as much in other parts at the same time. In India, I recall them being used as a common packaging item at groceries while the “green folks” wanted them out quoting potential environmental hazards. There was even a bio-degradable or “acceptable” quality plastic bag...

Customer Delight could after all be a waste of time


I loved the concept since college days. Delighting your customer with something extra when they least expected. I for once knew it would pay off every single time. But the kind of effort and time that goes behind each customer delight experience is huge compared to what you’re supposed to do and sometimes even unfair to your business. At this point experts are inclined to conclude that customer...

Would Tata Nano mean more Traffic Jams in India ?


I’m not trying to be pessimistic about it. In fact, the Tata Nano has given us more reasons to get excited – in all ways. Now, that Tata Nano is out soon, and the bookings have started people are breaking out of the “dream bubble” and has become thoughtful about the reality more than the hype. Or so am I to believe from the comments seen here. People have expressed their concerns over the Tata...

Wireless Electricity – Looking forward to it


We’ve been living in a wired world quite a bit long. Or so does these chaps believe. The guys at MIT have developed a new breathtaking technology. Wireless Electricity, from one point to another with no wires or cables connected. And they’ve taken care of the safety issues too. Check out this video.
Can’t wait for this one.

The Whopper Virgins test by Burger King


Here’s an interesting “experiment” from Burger King. Well; it’s sort of an online marketing social media campaign from Burger King, so no surprise if this is something weird. Okay, what BK does is go out to remote places on the planet, pick up people who have no clue what burgers are, who have never heard of that word even and give them the Mac D burger and the Burger King Whopper to taste/eat...