How To Be Successful


I’ve got 24 hours. What’s the best and easy way to become successful? What is the secret? Where is the silver bullet? If you are thinking similar to the lines above, then you my friend…need help. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not gonna be successful, like ever! Here’s why. Success is not an absolute target. That means, it is subjective to the person pursuing...

Why the f**k is nobody blogging these days?


Seen above – A totally unrelated picture. I don’t know man. I’d like to believe that they still are. Sitting deep in their comfort zones, un-moved by the listicle bandwagon, un-shaken by the video wave onslaught. Yes, they exist. But I dunno where they are. I know a few guys though. They’ve evolved. I know I still do. Heck, I’ve evolved too. Godamn, Yes! Back in...

What do you do?


Every party, every meet-up.. if there’s one question you want to dodge, it is this. “So, what do you do?” What people really mean is what do you do to earn a living? Or.. How do you make money? Or.. What is your social status in comparison to me? Either way, it’s a question to judge you. Instead of this, I think people (including me) should ask.. “So, what have you...

The Thing About Life, Nobody Ever Tells You


“And they lived happily ever after.” – This is the biggest lie you ever heard (or one of them). From fairytales to fantasies, we’re all conditioned to believe that life is all about perfection. The perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect wife, the perfect home. But life is anything but perfect. Perfection is just our excuse. It’s a mask we wear ‘cos we...

How to Overcome Depression


That moment when you feel like the sky is falling down on you. Everything you do becomes terrible mistakes. People talk behind your back. You end up alone in a room, not able to share your worries to anyone. You feel alone in a crowd. Vultures all around, waiting to scoop down on you. It’s awful being in depression. You want to end your life. That seems to be the only solution out...

How Can I Be Happy?


I talk to a lot of folks going through depression and suicidal tendencies. One thing that’s common among them is that they don’t feel important anymore in life. They feel like there is no purpose in life. Generally, they aren’t happy. Let’s think about that for a minute. What is happiness? Gurus and pastors define it in many ways. Some say it’s the state of mind...



Marketing is fun. Sometimes, not so much. But mostly, fun. Pick three of your friends. Any three. They must’ve bought something today. Coffee, something online, a software subscription perhaps? Ask them this. Why did you choose not to buy from the other brand? Yes, not why they chose the brand they bought, but the reason why they didn’t, the other. If they chose Uber, why not Lyft? If...

What is compassion & why it matters


His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speaks at Stanford on compassion. His thoughts on the necessity of friendship, altruism, family, selflessness, and religion, from the perspectives of such wide-ranging disciplines as education, social psychology and the neurosciences.
Lot of gold nuggets in this hour and a half talk.

60 Of The Very Best Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs From Folks Who Define Success


It might sound very cliché but motivation and perseverance are the two key things that an entrepreneur need to succeed. There might be different layers in between and top of that, but the two main pillars that decides who you are and where you’re headed (and end up) are these. Success might mean different things to different people, but the underlying common fabric is the mindset, the focus and...