Improve Productivity – Fire your Manager.


Productivity at office, is a Utopian concept. If you ask people, where they get work done the most – its never the office – ironically. Companies do all kinds of tricks (can you find a better word?) to make people productive by enticing them to show up at offices. Stock fridges with food, get ergonomic chairs, gives the most expensive softwares, do casual Fridays, free beer.. and what...

Smart workers are losers. Hard workers are winners.


Most every entrepreneur will tell you they work extremely long hours. That’s par for the course. Some “older” entrepreneurs (usually over 35 years of age) will share their ability to “strike a balance” between work and life. Practically speaking (I hate to break this to them) that does not exist in a startup. If you have that balance, you are not serious enough about your startup. Above lines are...

The 4 types of idiots you’ll come across daily


In all probability, I’m an idiot. So might be your friend who shared this. But we would only know if someone else wrote a blog post like this, or shared it with me. So, to all idiots out there – cheers! For some reason, now that I think about it, idiots, I think, are clever. They pretend to be idiots and make you one. Here are the four types of idiots I’ve come across in daily life ( what ever...

Your gut-feeling is probably the most powerful weapon you never used


Well, at least me. A gut feeling, or gut reaction, is a visceral emotional reaction to something, and often one of uneasiness. Gut feelings are generally regarded as not modulated by conscious thought, and as a reflection of intuition rather than rationality. They are thought to originate from the brain’s insular cortex. That’ what the Wiki says. I don’t know if that’s the best definition...

The Power of “So”


The kind of things you hear on the internet. Overwhelming. Exciting. Blunt. Fake. Real. Not necessarily in that order but largely can be classified in to those tags. Well, let’s for a moment get out of the internet world and talk as in real life. How many times we hear people bragging, meaningless rants, self obsessed promises, vague concerns – things like that? All the time. At first you smile...

Don’t change. Evolve.


I don’t like the word change. Why? Because I’ve seen some of my friends use it as an excuse, to do some very bad things. Don’t raise your eye brow, I didn’t mean those bad things. I mean….well, the point is not what the thing is but why they called it a change in the first place. Change is inevitable. If there’s something that doesn’t change in this...

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