How to get mentions on Forbes and Entrepreneur


I’ve been in the SEO business for long and one of the things that my clients keep asking me is whether they can get a mention from top high quality websites like Forbes and Here’s what I know. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to get featured on Forbes. But… the bigger question is “Why are you doing it?” Are you doing it for link building? Are you...

CIA Just Released Secret Documents containing 900+ Mentions to India


Needless to say, this is a treasure. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, USA) released about 930K previously classified documents today and many of them has direct mentions to India. There’s everything from wars fought, spy scandals, espionage and what not! Here are a few of them. CIA on our nuclear program: Indo-Pak report, shortly after our independence: Key advisers of Indira Gandhi:...

Insights from LinkedIn’s 200 Million Members


So, today I received and email saying that my profile is one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. Nice to hear, feel so special.
But that is an interesting claim. 1% of most viewed profiles, hmm…..does that mean that there is an exclusive 1% or is every other percentage special?
Anyways, along with came this interesting infographic. Check it out.

A must-have iPhone app for anyone visiting the Taj Mahal


If you’re looking to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, Delhi anytime soon, make sure you grab this app. It could be your only guide required to get around the place. The app has got almost all the info about the Taj Mahal – surprisingly! Where to find food, history of the Taj, Audio guides, Shopping areas, Practical tips just to name a few. Its a neatly done app, so much that all the information is...

India’s first lesbian couple marries in Haryana


Now, that’s a news that’ll make lot of of folks frown. According to The Telegraph, Veena and Savita, some 20 year old girls are the first Lesbian couples from India. Savita, a 25 year old student at Choudhary Charan Singh University and her 20 year old wife Veena, 20, were married by a court in Haryana, close to New Delhi, earlier this month. The couple approached the district court in Gurgaon, a...

Even a battery Ad can be funny–Amaron, Ting Tong !


Batteries are boring and so are ads. There are two types of battery ads I’ve seen in Indian Television. One, the ones that are a verbal diarrhea of technical things and claims things like “ZYR Technology” blah blah. Goes over your head, client satisfied, cos they shouted all that they could about the product, viewer – confused! Two, the ones that  put things into perspective through a story...

What is KILB (K.I.L.B) ? The Irfan Khan Ad


It’s good time for series ads alright? I remember, the first one was “Digen Varma” (for Mango fruity ad), which was big hit during my school days. I personally like all the series ads as they have a “kick” to them. They take advantage of our curiosity and the natural mouth to mouth publicity reaches a peak before the product is launched. Great strategy and works like...

Hello world – This is my first post!


This is my blog about the random things I find in my day to day life interesting. There wouldn’t be any talk on SEO, or Web 2.0 and Social Media. I thought, I should have a separate blog where I can pen down my daily thoughts, after all there are many things that I bury down untold daily, so this would be a place to feature them. Unlike DailySEOblog, this may not be interesting to all of...