How to Visit USA – Complete Guide


I’ve lived in the US for about 6 years. Also visited it couple of times for work and leisure (on visit visa). And I share a lot of my experience on my blog. Perhaps because of this, lot of people ask keep me about visiting USA. What is the process involved, things to keep in mind etc. In this article, I thought I’ll write up everything I’ve learned over the years about visiting...

Surprising Facts about H1B Visas in the USA


H1Bs have been criticized a lot in the US, as affecting employment opportunities for the citizens. But truth is that every year, there are thousands of H1Bs being allowed into the country and many of them hold top positions in many corporations across the country. Does the H1B temporary worker situation really pose a threat to the economy of the country? Here is a nice infographic that sums it up...

McDonald’s TV Channel–One more for mind control


As if all that they do wasn’t enough, McDonald’s is going for a TV channel of their own, as reported by LA Times.
But no, its not as devastating as we thought it is. Its not a public TV channel, but an in-store TV channel that will be shown in all their stores.

That’s a relief. Because, had they entered my living room, that is one more valid reason for “pester power”.