A small tweet for a man, but a big fail whale for the mankind


Just got a news bit which said- NASA astronaut Mike Massimino fired off one final tweet this morning before boarding the space shuttle Atlantis to prepare for today’s 2 p.m. launch. Massimino, who is a mission specialist on a shuttle flight, has promised to Twitter while he’s in the outer space. That’s a great piece of news, I’d say. I mean, one that will cement Twitter as the ‘thing’ we’re...

Did the Bachhans really mean it ?


Today morning, opened the newspaper to see this photo on the front page.
The Bachhan family striking a pose after voting. But…Mr. Bachhan why the middle finger ? lol

Am sure they’ve had fun doing that to the media…probably one of the luxuries of being the Bachchan family.

What is your blood type ? I can probably predict your personality


Well, looks like many of us would actually be serious about this in the future. Some folks from Japan (particularly women) are bothered about Blood types and even go to the extreme of predicting your personality based on it. So what will happen to all those bollywood flicks where the hero says – “Khoon to sab ka lal hota hai” ? May be the new Warner bros sponsored ones will say something along...

Mohanlal pushing misbehaving fan from stage


After Mammooty, it’s Mohan lal now. Well, it so happened that one fan tried to jump on to the stage while Mohan lal was performing, at this overseas show in the Gulf. And Mohan Lal pushed this guy off the stage. So much for the Mohan Lal – Mammooty fans out there. Both scored equally now. :D\ Video – Mohan Lal pushing fan off the stage. Technorati Tags: mohanlal pushing fan,mohanlal stage...