Celebrating Vishu at Cochin

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2009)

This time around, its going to be a damp Vishu, or so does it seem from the marathon rain. (Implied as continuing showers).

Vishu is like the “New Year” at this part of the world, according to the Hindu religion. It basically means a lot of exciting stuff to me. Crackers, Vishukani and “Kaineettam”, the two main things that top the charts. We crack a lot of crackers through the night and literally burn the floor. You know, even after you grow up, there are these little things that you fancy about, that you carried over from your childhood.

Any ways, it might be the rains or the lifestyle change, not too many crackers are “heard” these days, despite new crackers being imported from China.

As I’m writing this, its almost 7.30 pm and the rain is still “On”. Contrast to the vishu of my childhood when there were no rains and only crackers.

I’ve bought crackers too, yeah the chinese ones and I’m waiting for the rain to stop. Hopefully, I’ll crack them tonite, or its a postponed Vishu.

Hope Vishu (Or baisakhi) at your place is fun and there are no rains out there.



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