Chaappa Kurishu Review–An experiment gone bad

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

A skilled cameraman. A nice plot.  Innovative music. Uninteresting screenplay. Experimenting actors. Exceptional publicity.

This is what chaappa kurish, the malayalam movie is. Chaappa got my attention through its amazing posters and visuals. Ajay and Papaya Media deserves kudos for this, because I haven’t seen any publicity in malayalam cinema to such perfection and quality. Both web, social, stills and print were unique and streamlined. Probably that is the reason why this movie had high hopes on.


My personal favorite was the Phantom flex, super slow motion action sequences(like the one used in 180 rules kidayaathu song) that were shown in the promos. To my disappointment, none of those sequences were shown in the movie at any time.

That apart, the movie is dragging. Accept it. From the start, there was a huge burden on viewers shoulders to remain patient. Its not the story but how it was treated that got flawed. In movies like Salt n Pepper where the story is simple (much like Chaapa Kurish), the situations were interesting with no overdose of slapstick comedy like in typical malayalam movies. But there was no comedy (probably the script “demanded” it) at all in the movie. To top it up the screenplay was so boring it failed to impress the audience in the first half. BGM by Rex Vijayan came in as a misfit to the audience’s mood but clearly they were innovative and awesome otherwise.

With comparisons to “fresh genre” in Malayalam movies like Salt n Pepper and Traffic, this movie is a big disappointment in the “impressing” audience area, however technically sound it might be.

Like someone commented, it was like an Amal Neerad movie with an Adoor Gopalakrishnan script taken when both were in a hurry.

However, nice work Papaya and nice acting attempts by Vineeth and Fahad. That dude however is getting type casted now. Isn’t it the second or third movie where he’s playing this new age – aggressive – flirty – young builder shithole – who’s forced to utter the f word every 30 mins? Wait, is that the new cool? Come on! Hope he doesn’t repeat it in his next movie. Ramya Nambeesan definitely has improved over the years and evolved into a better actress. That means more work for her personal trainer I’m sure. Vineeth does some good acting. But that amul baby face of his cheats him in those “oh yeah come on fck with me” shots. Vineeth, thalassery slang is getting type casted too bro. Get over it.

2 Out of 5 for Chaapa Kurish. I know that’s sad but, that’s for them to make a better movie next time with more homework on screenplay.