CIA Just Released Secret Documents containing 900+ Mentions to India

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2017)

Needless to say, this is a treasure. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, USA) released about 930K previously classified documents today and many of them has direct mentions to India. There’s everything from wars fought, spy scandals, espionage and what not!

Here are a few of them.

CIA on our nuclear program: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79T00865A001200050002-3.pdf

Indo-Pak report, shortly after our independence: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP78-01617A001600010001-2.pdf

Key advisers of Indira Gandhi: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP86T00608R000200010053-2.pdf

Nehru was against Commies: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP82-00457R003600320004-7.pdf

India’s economic prospects: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP82B00421R000100040034-9.pdf

CORRIGENDUM TO THE LETTER DATED 8 APRIL 1954 FROM THE REPRESENTATIVE OF INDIA TO THE SECRETARY GENERAL: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP86T00268R000800100021-2.pdf

CIA wanted Nehru to side with US: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79R01012A000500040039-2.pdf

CPI’s breakup in the late 50’s: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP85T00875R002000210017-5.pdf

Via – Reddit

It’s all available on the CIA website but it’s tough to find each, so I created a Google spreadsheet listing all the 900+ documents related to India. Enjoy!

[button link=”http://bit.ly/ciaindia” type=”big” color=”green”] Get Full List of Docs[/button]

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