CineMax coming to Oberon Mall Cochin

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2009)

That’s good news. Saw this ad at the Oberon Mall yesterday.




  • Karthik,

    Seems that your pirated viewing has irked the cinemax and they are going to open a new multiplex. Hope you and all others have a Good parking lot, Rest rooms and good family turn around. Ok! right now, do you have anything to comment about the pirated CD’s which still might exist after this change.

    Senthil C

    • Well, possibly not because of my article. Nevertheless its a welcome change. Its a nice mall anyway.
      Pirated CDs after the change – not good. They should ban it. In fact, Kerala, pirated CDs are banned and I think the police has done a good job curbing its popularity. My post earlier however, was only a statement – not reality 🙂

  • when is the cinemax going to function in kochi? Wats the stumbling block? the entertainment rules of kerala???????????

  • The watchmen nearly pushed me out when I went in to ask the date of opening. Thankfully he told me it opens on APRIL 2ND! 😀

  • CineMax started in Cochin obron mall first show and opening ceremony will be on tomorrow. first movie is “CLASH OF TITANS 3D” show timings are 10:00, 11:00, 01:15, 03:30, 05:45, 07:00, 08:00, 10:00

  • Dear Sir,

    Today in the dfaily Malayala Manorama, its said you are opening the multiplex in Oberon Mall.

    Pls let me know the site to book the tickets online for the shows

    Regards and Best Wishes

    Sunil Kumar K