Citizen Blogging : Some disturbing pictures from Chennai Suburban local trains

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2008)

citizen Last day, on my quests to explore Chennai city, I took one of the local trains so that I could feel what it is like traveling by a local train. This concept of local train was pretty new to me since I haven’t seen anything like that in Cochin or Trivandrum. Moreover, I’ve seen it in some tamil movies as well. So with all guts and glory I took a train from Villivakkam to Chennai central. The ticket cost is only 4 rs per person which is damn cheap. I’ve been told that only a less than 25% of the entire train commuters really buy tickets. So most of them travel free and nobody’s cross checking it. Nice. I couldn’t take the risk and bought a ticket.

After a 7 minutes wait, the train came. It was an old looking one, just like any other South Indian railways train. There were very few people on board since it being Sunday. I’m told that on weekdays, especially in the mornings and evening times, when office people commute, it’s jam packed! Thankfully, today was a sunday. So I hop in, and this is what I saw.

Image094 Image091

Image093 Image090

People have littered the train with almost everything you’ll find at a local waste bin. Plastic covers, bottles, food items, water packets and what not? It was not a very pleasant sight at all. From the scenes I guessed that no cleaning whatsoever is being done in these trains.

People not only travel free but they also take the luxury of littering the place as well.

What a pity? The train itself is built with materials that can withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. Like the seats are made of wood, and they are polished. Had it been cushioned, I guess I would’ve seen it in a more pathetic situation.

Kudos should go to the authorities for using such materials that fight wear and tear. But I wish if there were more people employed to clean the train, and waste disposal bins placed inside the cabins (and the commuters educated to use it.).

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  • Hi Mr Mani Karthik

    I have seen your blog about chennai’s trains, rather than wasting time on taking pictures and creating blog on the net why don’t you do something about it. You are and Indian citizen right!!!!. Rather separating yourself as Malayalees and Telugus, why don’t get united and do something. First start placing public washrooms everywhere. Everything is not perfect in Kerala either. So stop comparing your city with other cities after all, its all in India.

  • Hi Angie, I was not comparing anything at all. Sorry if it gave you such an impression. I think you have a point, that we should all do “something” about it. I am doing that bit from my side – letting people know about it. Many people didn’t know about this and came to know after watching the pics. It’s not wasting anyone’s time I believe, at least not my time. I’m so glad to know that you are actually willing to act on such things, we need more people like you to make this a better place to live.

  • Hi,

    Karthik, it is heartening to taking your time and share your experience with others.
    We should not litter and advise others to not to do so whereever we are and that is one solution. In addition teach our children good things. I think that could be the beginning.