Cloverfield the movie – Why does all monsters come to the US?

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2008)

Just watched the movie cloverfield, and to say the least – t’was a total disappointment. Yes completely.
I had learned about the movie that it had a cheesy marketing strategy behind it, and there was something “viral” about it. I must say, it failed.

The whole movie is told…wait first, it’s all seen through a camcoder, to which a small group of people manages to record the whole series of “events”. And it’s told from their perspective, you won’t even get to see the monster in full charm like in Godzilla or Jurassic Park.

What intrigued me is the fact that though the whole film is on a handycam (or it seems so), the monster(in parts and flashes)..the buildings on fire, the firing, collpses etc are all very realistic. I’m sure if they created it first and then filmed it or it was special effects. And, you keep thinking about it all the while, before the film ends. That’s the only interesting part about the movie.

Found some sketches of the cloverfield monster on the internet, check it here. I wish if i could see it full size on the screen sometime.
Last, I’m left with this question – why the hell does UFOs, ETs and Monsters prefer Manhattan, NYC and Washington to China or India ?

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