Cochin bloggers get together at Baypride

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2008)

Now, I can very safely say that blogging is really in. We, a passionate group of bloggers gathered together today at the Baypride mall and had a great time discussing about blogs, bloggers and blogging. It’s encouraging to see new people coming in to the blogging arena, and am happy that we’re a part of it. There was Kenney, Anand, Dinsan, Syam, and Binny, Manoj ad a few others. All bloggers and think tanks on their domains, had a brainstorming session on blogging, possibilities, outsourcing, malayalam blogging, blogcamps, revenue models and all of that.

If you’re from Cochin and is a blogging enthusiast, do join us at the Cochin bloggers group here.

Keralablogcamp @ Baypride Cochin

More images here.

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