Cochin Bloggers group and Kerala Blogcamp

As the number of cities jumping in to the Bloggers camps are increasing every day, Cochin the Queen of Arabian Sea will have a new group that boasts of the techies and creative bloggers – a rare mix. There is a Google group for cochin bloggers here, that keeps track of meetups, and discussions from bloggers in and around Cochin. If you are from Cochin and likes to meet new people and learn new things, feel free to join the community.

There is a lot of heat gathering up in Cochin in the blogging arena and technology swings, as the new Infopark is getting ready. Well, the real estate business is growing around this area more rapidly probably, but that’s a good sign of developments to come.

As you might have guessed, I’m currently in Cochin and is looking forward to set base here as I see that there’s a bright future for bloggers and blogging community here.

I will also be attending the Kerala Blogcamp that’s happening on a houseboat in Allepey this Aug 16. That’s quite a lot this season eh?

3 responses to “Cochin Bloggers group and Kerala Blogcamp”

  1. TheAnand Avatar

    Thanks for the Cochin Bloggers Group, I needed some company in cochin 🙂 Hope to see you there Karthik…

  2. Binny V A Avatar

    I agree with Anand – even though there are some bloggers here, we are not at all organized.