Construction workers or gymnasts?

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2008)

This is a view from my apartment to the next building where construction work is going on.


This picture that you see is a view of the 13th floor. Sorry for the vague image but this is the closest I could get. It shows construction workers, without any safety equipment whatsoever, working at odd heights risking their life. They are on the edges, with no safety gear, no protection whatsoever.

Most of these workers are “imported” from Orissa, Bihar etc and are given the scantiest of everything – be it protection, living conditions or wages. There was an unreported incident in one of these buildings where one worker fell down from the heights to lose his life and now you know why.

The recent real estate boom in Cochin, has resulted in unbalanced and dangerous growth in many sectors such as this.